SuperCoder’s Code Connect featuring CPT Assistant to help you overcome denials with ease

Take the guesswork out of your coding and billing and overcome denials with the AMA punch – all conveniently packaged in SuperCoder’s Code Connect featuring CPT Assistant

With a commitment to help medical coders by providing coding information and resources, SuperCoder.com offers a valuable resource – Code Connect – that will help coders plug all the loopholes to reduce errors and file clean and compliant claims. This tool not only allows users to save time but also work efficiently and effectively.

“All the AMA's CPT® Assistant reference articles that help to overcome denials can be easily accessed on your desktop. Coders can simply enter a CPT® code and instantly connect with all of the CPT® Assistant articles that the AMA has published on the code since 1990,” said Jen Godreau, Director of Development & Operations, SuperCoder, giving out details about this unique tool.

Having the ultimate guidance of the AMA, coders can easily understand codes and appropriately use them to file correct claims. Moreover, coders can simultaneously search CPT® Assistant 2012 & 1990-2011 Archives that will save time thereby maximizing efficiency. Authentic coding information, CPT code related information, articles from the AMA and monthly news and update makes this resource a must-have for all.

“This comprehensive CPT® Assistant tool will significantly boost efficiencies and reduce risks and has been priced reasonably at $199.95 with an amazing 10% discount throughout the month of November,” concludes Godreau.

To take advantage of this incredible offer just visit our webpage at www.supercoder.com/coding-references/code-connect and use the coupon code EXTRA10. Stay ahead of competition with definitive guidance from the AMA to understand codes better and get timely updates on your fingertips. With this valuable resource you can overcome all odds and code and bill correctly and efficiently to ensure a smooth sailing for your practice.

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