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The Coding Institute Announces New Brand Identity, Logo, and Tagline
The launch is exciting,” says Goswami, “as it represents our growth and transformation. Our new brand celebrates the culture of innovation we’ve built over the years

The Coding Institute today released an updated brand identity that includes a new tagline—‘Simplifying healthcare with technology’—and a new logo that reflects the new identity in the design. As well, the company will now go by the faster, sharper, and crisper TCI, in lieu of its full name.

The Coding Institute Announces New Brand Identity, Logo, and Tagline.


The revolutionary software interface means that physicians, nurses and coders can reach an ICD-10-CM code in 5 clicks or 30 seconds versus the industry standard 15 plus clicks or 5 minutes.

BoneCoder10 from SuperCoder is the revolutionary ICD-10-CM workflow solution that is easing physicians, coders, and nurses transition to ICD-10 coding. Users ..

Take the guesswork out of your coding and billing and overcome denials with the AMA punch – all conveniently packaged in SuperCoder’s Code Connect featuring CPT Assistant

With a commitment to help medical coders by providing coding information and resources, SuperCoder.com offers a valuable resource – Code Connect – that will help coders plug all the loopholes to reduce errors and file clean and compliant claims. This tool not only allows users..

With a commitment to helping medical coders by providing coding education and resources, Supercoder.com is scheduled to add new features and tools every month in 2011. The company spokesperson says that Supercoder.com’s product proliferation strategy has paid off in 2010. It’ll do so in 2011 as well.

In January, SuperCoder.com added two important coder-friendly tools — the SuperScrubber for Physic..

Qualedix, an advanced healthcare testing organization, today announced it has partnered with the Coding Institute, LLC, a company dedicated to offering accurate healthcare solutions, that will provide native ICD-10 coding expertise and educational services to the industry leading SIMPLICEDI testing platform.

The combined market offerings enable greater accuracy, speed and a true clinical approach to tackling the arduous task of testing thousands of new ICD-10 codes for providers and p..

Supercoder.com announces the launch of important coder-friendly tools for hospitals and ASCs — the MS-DRG Master, SuperScrubber for Facility, and ASC Authority. Jen Godreau, Director, SuperCoder.com says that these tools will help all physicians, hospitals, and ambulatory surgical centers get the accurate medical coding information they need to secure the maximum ethical reimbursement they deserve.

These easy-to-use tools help simplify code look-up and enhance c..