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Scrutiny of the hospice industry is beginning to parallel, if not surpass, that of home health. The most recent numbers show Medicare spent $17.9 billion on hospice services, exceeding what it spent on home health. And seemingly in response, MedPAC recommends Congress to switch gears from a rate freeze to a 2 percent rate cut.

What’s more, in view of drastic non-compliance numbers — a whopping 100 percent fail rate for hospices in one recent round — industry observers worry that the Targeted Probe and Educate (TPE) medical review program may put legitimate providers out of business.

How likely are you to become a TPE target? With heightened scrutiny on multiple fronts, now is not the time to go it alone.

Every year, the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services updates the rules and regulations, as well as issuing new ones. Hospice providers need to stay in the know to assess the impact of changes on their program — and to respond effectively to the new requirements.

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Each indispensable issue delivers expert guidance and timely strategies to ensure you and your team keep pace with crucial industry developments impacting your reimbursement and compliance.

Come out ahead in 2019, despite the challenges and potential pitfalls, with best-in-class tips and advice in articles like:

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  • Hospice TPE Failure Rate 100% At This MAC
  • One Denial Reason Dominates TPE Results
  • New RAC Hospice-Related Topics Zero In On Hospice Bundling
  • More TPE Probes On Deck For Hospices
  • Medicare Care Choices Model Flounders
  • These Stats May Determine Concurrent Care's Fate
  • Be Ready To Benefit From Physician Assistant Change
  • Sidestep NOE-Preventing Edit With Wise Use Of NOTRs
  • Medicare Charts New Course For Hospice Compare Additions
  • Get Your HQRP Info From These New Sources
  • Majority of Cost Reports Would Fail New Edits, CMS Analysis Finds
  • SIA Payments Fail to Increase End-Of-Life Visits Significantly — At Least So Far
  • Know What PAs Can — And Can't — Do Under Regulatory Change
  • CMS Heeds Industry's Pleas for Relief on Drug Reporting
  • How Does Your Live Discharge Rate Stack Up to Your Peers?


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