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If you’re feeling anxious about the road ahead, you’re in good company, as the challenges inherent to the 2019 HH PPS are substantial and potentially threatening to your agency’s ability to stay afloat.

The Patient-Directed Groupings Model (PDGM), effective January 2020, will require the full twelve-month lead time to prep for what amounts to a monumental organization shift. Your transition will be labor-intensive and costly — and require keen planning to counter the accompanying rate cut, currently estimated at 6.42 percent.

Don’t go it alone.

Tap into a community of HHA domain experts to stay in the know and optimize every aspect of your day-to-day operations.

Let us equip you to anticipate the challenges, including the whopping 432 case mix groups, as these will be confusing to nail down and determine in which case mix a patient will end up.

The elimination of therapy as a case mix element will also heighten your risk if you provide therapy-heavy episodes. Similarly, agencies that provide a high proportion of episodes at or under the 30-day mark will most likely see pay cuts. What’s more, episodes barely exceeding the 30-day mark will be ripe for medical review that can deny visits in the second 30-day episode, leading to denials or LUPAs.

You’ll also need to preempt cash flow issues resulting from the switch to a 30-day billing cycle, which will double your workload. The elimination of RAPs for new agencies and heightened scrutiny of existing HHAs for RAPs misuses could further diminish your liquid assets.

Get the help you need, delivered each week, in your risk-free subscription to Eli’s Home Care Week.

Grasp the full scope of the PPS final rule, expertly interpreted to highlight the implications and define the intricacies and new requirements in practical, easy-to-implement terms.

Eli’s Home Care Week covers the spectrum of issues threatening the financial health of your agency —  documentation, reimbursement, medical review, OASIS, IMPACT Act, value-based purchasing, CoPs, and more.

Stay on top of evolving regulations and conquer your fiscal threats.

In 45 weekly installments, our experts will lay out timely strategies to prepare the ground for the PDGM. We’ll also walk you through reimbursement and documentation changes, in addition to simplifying complex billing scenarios. Leverage this insightful resource to ensure your agency remains compliant and profitable.

Bank on high-impact advice, strategies, and insights on critical updates with articles such as:

  • Find A Patient’s PDGM Case Mix Group with These 4 Steps
  • Final 2019 Per-Visit Payment Amounts
  • Add-On Phase-Out Threatens Rural Agencies
  • CMS Hangs onto Behavioral Assumption Adjustment Cuts, Despite Industry Outcry
  • New Clinical Groups Complicate PDGM Impact Estimation
  • PPS Rule Finalizes First Step of RAP Elimination
  • Will Appeals Be Worth It Under 30-Day?
  • Use NOTRs To Head Off Missed Reimbursement
  • Ramp Up on These Major OASIS-D Additions, Revisions
  • Use This Data to Gauge Your Medical Review Risk
  • Your Emergency Preparedness Duties Will Get Lighter Under Proposed Rule
  • Watch Out for These 2 Survey Hot Spots on Heels Of Final IGs
  • Get Ready for RCD To Roll Out Dec. 10
  • Monitor RAP Cancel Rate or Risk Losing Advance Payments
  • No More Patient Rights Verbal Notice, If Rule Finalized

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