Secrets of Successful Provider Contracting

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When it comes to contract negotiations, you can’t afford to go it alone.

Team up with the TCI experts and get the revenue you deserve in your provider contracting with the Secrets of Successful Provider Contracting.

Master top strategies to flex your contracting muscles. The experts at TCI will save you time and money with step-by-step solutions to conquer contract negotiations, including physician contracting and private exchange provider contracting. Learn the ins and outs of recognizing opportunities for provider contracting, and be equipped to meet the Stark exception and ensure compliance.

Negotiate like a pro and lock in revenue with best-in-class strategies and insider know-how:

  • Distinguish between private and public exchanges and how payment terms differ.
  • Know if you’re automatically included in private exchanges under existing contracts.
  • Learn how to perform due diligence before joining a private exchange network.
  • Use this checklist for a payer contract that protects your profits.
  • Know what to include in a contract termination notice.
  • Avoid liability with waiver via instructions.
  • Identify problematic POS billing.
  • Get your overpayment refund (PPACA).
  • Monitor anticipated payments so you know how much money to expect.
  • Ask these strategic questions as part of a comprehensive physician payment program.
  • Rely on this step-by-step outline to develop your physician payment monitoring program.
  • Ask these questions about each payment to ensure compliance.
  • Know the red flags and early warning signs of compliance issues.
  • Look for these key “takeaways” to ensure a more compliant contracting process.
  • Define language and hidden information, such as silent PPOs, that could affect the contract.
  • Understand alternative contract negotiations, including patient education to discover a win-win.
  • Get to know tracking reports to monitor insurance payments.
  • 5 Critical terms that are negotiable in provider contracts
  • 5 Sure-fire ways to ace payer contract negotiation
  • 7 Common payer contract negotiation mistakes you’re probably making
  • And so much more!


Conquer contract negotiations and save time and money with the Secrets of Successful Provider Contracting.

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