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Master Ins and outs of 2018 Radiology Coding and Documentation tips.

2018 brought some revenue-impacting radiology coding changes, and your practice may still be struggling to report the new diagnostic radiology and interventional radiology CPT® codes. Need in-depth explanations of how to use the latest chest and abdominal X-ray codes or the new endovascular repair codes so your claims are on track?

And, that’s not all. You will also need to:

  • Decipher, analyze, and interpret radiology dictation reports.
  • Identify the most problematic and complex CPT coding scenarios.
  • Understand the fundamentals of obstetrical and mammographic radiology coding.
  • Examine the challenge of non-indexable diagnosis coding.
  • Evaluate the ins and outs of NCCI claims.

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Overcome Your Top Radiology Coding and Billing Challenges

As a radiology coder, you play a crucial role in ensuring your practice’s claims sail through the payment process. But recent changes—including CPT® 2018, new CCI edits, ICD-10 updates, MACRA, MPFS, HCPCS changes, HIPAA compliance, the OIG work plan, the correct use of modifiers, and more—make it a challenge to ethically maximize reimbursement. How are you supposed to stay informed, compliant, and profitable when radiology coding and billing guidelines are constantly evolving?

The answer is simple: Radiology Coding Alert, your trusted source of expert radiology coding and billing advice. Subscribe today to get the guidance, tips, updates, and other resources you need to maximize reimbursement.

Our Radiology Coding and Billing Experts Can Save You Time and Money!

Let our editor Brett Rosenberg, MA, CPC, CCS-P, arm you with the essential radiology coding and billing guidelines you need to stay profitable and compliant in 2017 and beyond. Just subscribe to our monthly newsletter: Radiology Coding Alert.

Recent Topics Covered in Radiology Coding Alert:

  • Avoid these Common Radiological NCCI Missteps
  • CPT® 2018: Prep Now for New 2018 CPT® Codes with expert advice
  • Boost Your Diagnostic Skills, Code these 2 ENT Neoplasms
  • Zone in on these Diagnostic Imaging Order Form Guidelines
  • Modifiers: Test Your 76/77 Knowledge with These 2 Scenarios
  • ICD-10 Use these Examples, Boost Your CNS Neoplasm Coding Skills
  • Familiarize Yourself with the Degrees of Asthma Severity
  • Rely on these Diagnostic Factors for Accurate Sequela Coding
  • Compliance: Familiarize Yourself with These Coverage Guidelines for PET Scans
  • ICD-10: Identify these Degrees of Specificity within Rheumatoid Arthritis Coding
  • Get the Hang of 3D Reconstruction Coding with this Guide
  • MIPS: Put MIPS into Action with This Plan
  • Do Not Use Aftercare Codes When a 7th Character Applies
  • Modifiers: Follow these Rules for Bilateral Billing Made Easy
  • CPT® Coding: Focus on Technique, Findings with Renal Ultrasounds and Duplex Scans
  • Familiarize Yourself with Abdominal Ultrasound Anatomical Criteria
  • 24 AAPC CEUs
  • And more


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