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Don’t get denied. Your next radiology coding challenge has already been solved!

Could you use to help understanding when and when not to combine imaging codes into one comprehensive code? How about tips to sort through abstract documentation verbiage and pin down the right Dx codes? And then there’s the ubiquitous Excludes1 dilemmas—do you need tips to rid your confusion once and for all?

Why risk your hard-earned pay when you can tap into vital, to-the-point monthly guidance to hone your reporting accuracy and coding know-how?

Say goodbye reimbursement pressures with your risk-free subscription to Radiology Coding Alert. We make it easy to keep pace with the latest CPT®, ICD-10, and HCPCS code and guideline changes, as well as regulatory updates and revisions to CCI bundles, modifiers, payer policies, the Medicare Physician Fee Schedule, the OIG watch list, and more.

Every issue of Radiology Coding Alert lays out a wealth of information, tackling the challenges you face and delivering money-in-the-bank answers to questions like:

  • Can I still bill for a peripherally inserted central venous catheter line placement with fluoroscopic guidance if the line placement was unsuccessful?
  • What anatomical criteria must be met to code a complete retroperitoneal ultrasound (US)?
  • If the title of the report states “complete scoliosis series including supine and erect,” should I send the report back to the provider for an addendum to include the number of views?
  • Do I report 76770 or 76775 when the documentation’s only reference to the kidneys is one line stating, “bilateral ureteral jets are seen”?
  • Should I code for functional quadriplegia when the patient is unable to move his limbs but has no history of neurological disorder? Nor did the brain scan reveal any significant findings.


Put an end to avoidable denials, needless audit risks, and debilitating payback demands.

Our radiology coding experts, led by editor Brett Rosenberg, MA, CPC, CCS-P, COC will provide you with game-changing coding and reimbursement guidance to conquer the revenue-risking issues that threaten your claims and compliance success.

Stay informed, compliant, and profitable with solutions to problematic issues in articles such as:

  • Take this CPT® Assistant Advice, Code Facet Joint, Epidural Injection Services with Ease
  • Don’t Worry About Miscoding This Parenthetical Note Conundrum Ever Again
  • Prep Now for These Crucial Additions and Changes to the Sepsis ICD-10-CM Guidelines
  • Try Combo Dx Before Reporting Influenza, Condition Separately
  • Use Parenthetical Notes to Confirm Inclusion of Axilla US Imaging
  • Use ICD-10 Coding Notes in the Appropriate Context
  • Note Physician Requirements for 38792 Reporting
  • Don’t Report 75809 Without Documentation of Contrast
  • Prep For This New Wave of 2019 Radiological CPT® Changes
  • Conquer Transforaminal Injections, Paravertebral Blocks With This Guide
  • Consider These Pointers for Aspiration, Arthrocentesis, and Injection Services
  • Decide When to Bundle, Combine Imaging Codes Using this Guide

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