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Although most pulmonology practices see COPD patients every day, that doesn’t mean each diagnosis code is the same. In fact, for every three COPD patients you see, you may report three different ICD-10 code combinations, depending on the subtleties between the patients’ conditions.

Also, when a patient presents with asthma, you’re likely to reach for the J45 (Asthma) code set, but you can’t stop there. The ICD-10 guidelines dictate that you must code to the highest degree of specificity possible, which means you’ll have to determine the appropriate fourth and fifth characters to assign to your ICD-10 codes before submitting your claims.

The good news is, you don’t have to face these challenges alone! Subscribe Pulmonology Coding Alert, TCI’s specialty specific monthly coding newsletter to learn how to submit cleaner, more streamlined claims.

Here are just some of the stories you’ll discover in Pulmonology Coding Alert:

  • ICD-10: Can You Code These 3 COPD Scenarios?
  • Documentation: 3 Tips Help You Sharpen Your Imaging Orders
  • Billing: Could Your Medicare Secondary Payer Claims Use A Makeover?
  • Use This Chart to Determine Primary Payer
  • Look to 96160 for Asthma Control Test
  • Anthem Decides Not to Enact Modifier 25 Cuts
  • Know the Limitations for Lung Compliance Studies
  • Do You Know the Modifier Q6 Scoop?
  • Can A Pulmonologist Refer for Chiropractic?
  • E/M Coding: 3 FAQs – And Answers – About Inpatient E/M Coding
  • ICD-10 Quiz: Can You Answer These Lung-Related Diagnosis Coding Questions?
  • ICD-10 Coding Quiz Answers: Check Out How You Fared in Our Diagnosis Coding Quiz
  • Recovery Audit Contractors: Billing E/M Codes With Procedures? This RAC Is Watching
  • Know Where to Find EHR Specs
  • Consider Time When Selecting Breathing Treatment Codes
  • How Many Units of 95806 Are Acceptable?


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