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Overcome Your Top Primary Care Coding Challenges

Improve your clinical documentation and maximize reimbursements for your practice with the help of Primary Care Coding Alert. Submitting claims without being aware of ongoing 2018 CPT® code changes, CCI bundling edits, and everchanging compliance regulations, can result in reduced payments, payment delays, and payment denials at worst.

Plus, you are trying to overcome every day struggles such as determining the right level of service for E/M codes, knowing how to get paid for procedures and E/M services on the same day, and compliantly seeking reimbursement for physicals. Thankfully, Primary Care Coding Alert is here to help keep your practice informed, compliant, and profitable.

Let our editor Bruce Pegg, MA, and consulting editor Kent Moore, senior strategist for physician payment at the American Academy of Family Physiciansequip you with the vital coding and reimbursement advice you need to stay profitable and compliant in 2018 and beyond. Just subscribe to our monthly newsletter: Primary Care Coding Alert.

Recent topics covered in Primary Care Coding Alert:

  • Procedure Coding: Get Physical with These School, Sports, and Occupational Exam Codes
  • Billing: Know These Guidelines, Ease Reciprocal Billing Headaches
  • ICD-10 Coding: Code for Pressure Ulcers in 4 Easy Steps
  • Record Remission, History in This Sobriety Scenario
  • New Code, Not Gender, Cause for Denial of Mammogram Service
  • Try Your Hand at Solving This Myostitis Mystery
  • Bring Closure to This Multiple Procedure Encounter


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