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Everything You Need to Know to Maximize Your Podiatry Payments 

With major podiatry code changes, ever-evolving podiatry coding guidelines, and increasing denial rates, you must be smarter than ever before with your coding and billing. You need to deal with complex CPT® and Medicare guidelines in addition to understanding what payers consider medically necessary. 

At the same time, you need to know how to code podiatry procedures with the correct modifiers, how to look up local coverage determinations (LCDs) to understand payable diagnoses, and when the patient is responsible for reimbursement and the insurance requirements involved.  

Plus, you cannot overlook ongoing changes to ICD-10 and HCPCS codes, MACRA requirements, CCI/NCCI edits, new OIG guidelines, HIPAA regulations, and more. 

Too much to handle? Need expert help to overcome coding trouble spots like bunions, home visits, routine foot care, diabetic shoes, ruptured Achilles tendon, debridement, biopsy, or services and supplies related to orthotics?  

Discover the coding coach that thousands of podiatry practices like yours have relied on for almost 20 years — Podiatry Coding & Billing Alert. Our experts, including consulting editor Dr. Arnold Beresh, DPM, CPC, CSFAC, bring years of clinical coding experience and insight to help you tackle your toughest podiatry coding and reimbursement challenges. 

Here’s just a sample of the expert tips and updates you’ll get in every issue 

  • Build Your ICD-10 Skills For Pathological Fracture Reporting Success 
  • Quick FAQs Clear Up Your Ankle Fracture Coding Confusion 
  • Reference the Gustilo Classification for Precise Open Ankle Fracture Coding 
  • Zero in on This CPT® Code for Closed Metatarsal Fracture Treatment 
  • Fractures, Part 1: Hone Your Traumatic Fracture Coding Know-How With 5 Handy Tips 
  • Fractures, Part 2: 3 Quick Tips Reinforce Your Traumatic Ankle Fracture Coding Understanding 
  • Orthotics 101: Demystify Your Orthotics Reporting With This FAQ 
  • CDI: Familiarize Yourself With These Clinical Documentation Improvement Concepts 
  • Podiatrist Performs Cheilectomy for Hallux Rigidus? Report This Code 
  • CERT: Avoid Common CERT Errors for Orthotics to Fortify Your Future Claims 
  • Medicare Cards: Consider All You Need to Know About New Medicare Cards 
  • Documentation is Your Key to Non-Pressure Ulcer Coding Success 
  • CCI 24.0 Update: Implement These Orthotic and Prosthetic Management CCI Edits Before You Face Denials 
  • ICD-10 Coding: Fine-Tune Your Hammertoe Coding Skills With This Primer 
  • MPFS: Will You See a Boost in Your Part B Payment for 2018?
  • Differentiate Between Pertinent and Complete PFSH

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