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Let Pediatric Coding Alert Teach You How to Increase Revenue, Reduce Denials, and Avoid Audits

Think of the pediatric coding headaches that plague your practice. Wouldn’t you like to be free of them once and for all? No more rework, no more denials, no more audit risks. Sounds like the perfect world, doesn’t it?

In 2018, you need to master clinical documentation and medical necessity more than ever to avoid looming OIG audits. Therefore, you need to correctly implement the new ICD-10 codes for umbilical granuloma and persistent fetal circulation. Want to know the regulations for treating complex feeding disorders? Are you up to speed with changes in the CPT® codes affecting vaccine administration? Pediatric Coding Alert will keep you informed.

Then there’s the problem of E/M coding. If you’ve ever encountered problems with upcoding, downcoding, missing or no documentation, or using the wrong codes, you’re not alone. And even now, CMS may be changing the way sick visit levels are determined.

That’s why pediatricians, coders, and billers rely on TCI’s Pediatric Coding Alert for its accurate and insightful knowledge of pediatric medical coding.

Pediatric Coding Alert equips you with the latest coding, billing, and reimbursement news. Learn which of the 2018 CPT© and ICD-10 code additions, revisions, and deletions will affect your practice. And, get acquainted with correct coding for injections and immunizations, removal of foreign body, laceration repair, lesion removal, cerumen removal, medical necessity guidelines, and much more.

You need an expert to take you through it all!

Pediatric Coding Alert equips you with the latest coding, billing, and reimbursement news. Learn which of the 2018 CPT© and ICD-10 code additions, revisions, and deletions will affect your practice. Get great instruction on refining your E/M coding, and review our great procedure coding advice with the timely updates and insight provided in the monthly Pediatric Coding Alert.

Every month, you’ll receive articles like:

  • Follow These Steps to Code Baby’s First Few Days
  • Know These Numbers to Add Up Vaccine Reimbursement
  • Bust These Multiple Myths to Master Milia Coding
  • Clip and Save: Remember These New ICD-10 Codes for Your Peds Practice
  • Know How the 2018 PFS Will Impact Your Practice’s Bottom Line
  • Take These 5 Hints to Avoid Common E/M Reporting Errors
  • Latest CPT® Edition Overhauls Vaccine Descriptors
  • Time to Change Your Reporting with These New CCI Edits
  • Can You Ace This ENT Quiz?
  • Stay Connected with Telemedicine Coding


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