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Enhance Revenue, Reduce Denials and Avoid Audits for your Pediatric Practice

The fight for your pediatric practice’s deserved reimbursement is like an ongoing war with ever-changing rules. In the constant battle to have your claims paid, it’s all too easy to either upcode — and become a target for fraud accusations — or downcode and lose out on the money you’ve rightfully earned.

It’s easy to miss revenue opportunities in your day-to-day coding and billing — and that could mean your bottom line will take a substantial hit this year if you’re not careful. For instance, you may qualify for extra payment when you perform care above and beyond an E/M service while treating children who have special needs. And taking a close look at whether you’re accurately reporting allergy shots for patients receiving more than one injection could uncover revenue you’ve been forfeiting.

Don’t worry! Let Pediatric Coding Alert be your guide.

For 16 years, we’ve cut through the jargon and delivered independent, expert advice that hundreds of pediatric practices have used and trusted. We’ll help you ethically optimize your reimbursement, simplify your job, and make your practice more profitable.

Take a look at some of the topics covered in the most recent issue of Pediatric Coding Alert:

  • Know 10 pediatric procedures that can bring in dollars.
  • Your screenings may warrant modifier 33.
  • Global periods to phase out, fee schedule confirms.
  • OIG sets sights on overpayments.
  • This Payer Outlines How to Collect for New Cerumen Removal Code 69209
  • E/M Coding: No Patient in house? No Problem
  • Confirm These 3 Elements Are in the Documentation for Time-Based coding
  • New Prolonged Service Codes Look Great--But Can You Collect for Them?
  • Can Existing Problem Qualify You to Use Modifier 25?
  • Support Higher-Level Family Counseling Sessions Using 7 'Z' Codes
  • Differentiate New Vs. Established for Medical Assistant
  • 90863 is not your best deal for ADD follow-up visits. 
  • These 6 tips will transform your accounts receivables.
  • No charge’ visits still count toward established patient status.
  • Do you know how to avoid these 5 types of fraud?

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