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Are claims denials and reworks an ongoing issue for your lab?

The 2020 ICD-10-CM codes are effective now, and pathology/lab coders have plenty of changes to incorporate, including updates to congenital abnormality, breast lump, ADA deficiency, and more. Your lab will also have many CPT® code changes to learn, including new molecular pathology codes and specific options for adalimumab, infliximab, lacosamide, voriconazole, and more.

Besides nailing down ICD-10, CPT®, and HCPCS code and guideline updates, you need to keep up with regulatory updates, CCI edits, and revisions to modifiers, payer policies, the fee schedule … the list goes on.

If your lab isn’t prepared for these upcoming coding and reimbursement challenges, there’s help.

Don’t waste valuable time and risk your hard-earned pay.

Get essential monthly guidance to boost your reporting accuracy and coding know-how. Stay informed, compliant, and profitable with TCI’s Pathology/Lab Coding Alert.

Every issue of Pathology/Lab Coding Alert breaks down the challenges you’ll face and delivers key information and solutions in articles such as:

  • Prepare for Lab-Relevant 2020 Diagnosis Codes
  • Look for New PLA, Molecular Pathology, and Chemistry Codes
  • Master PSA Test Claims in 4 Steps
  • CPT 2020: Don’t Miss Therapeutic Drug Assay Update
  • Capture Each Bone Marrow Biopsy Step
  • And much more!


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