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Are you on top of the 79 CPT® codes changes for labs in 2018?  From microbiology and immunology to myriad new molecular codes, including Tier 1, genomic sequencing procedures (GSPs), and multianalyte assay with algorithmic analyses (MAAAs), as well asZika and respiratory syncytial virus nucleic acid tests --you can’t afford to miss our in depth analysis of what these changes mean for your lab.

That’s not all. If your lab is still reeling from the complete pricing overhaul of the Clinical Laboratory Fee Schedule, we have the latest news to keep you posted on more pricing changes coming down the pike.

And more: Our experts have walked you through the complex rules of how to integrate the new Proprietary Laboratory Analyses (PLA) codes into your coding hierarchy, now let us keep you up to date by explaining quarterly changes.  You can also turn to us for quarterly updates to CCI edits, OIG focus areas, fee schedule updates, HIPAA compliance tips, ICD-10 changes and more facts you need to know for your lab.

Although the changes may be a lot to learn, Pathology/Lab Coding Alert will help you focus on how the revisions can streamline your coding.

Topics covered in recent issues of Pathology/Lab Coding Alert include:

  • CCI 24.0: Get on Board with Massive Edits for Your Lab
  • CCI Basics: Master Bundling Edits with Resources and Documentation
  • Outpatient Billing: Take Advantage of 14-Day Rule Change
  • Capture Each Step for Urine Culture
  • Get Used to ICD-10
  • 'When' and 'Where' Can Sidetrack Appeals
  • Follow Payer Expectation for Multiple Test Modifier
  • Grasp Details for Accurate Uterine Fibroid Coding
  • CPT® 2018: Transform Bone Marrow Reporting with New, Revised Codes
  • ICD-10: Sharpen Your HIV/AIDS Coding With this Quiz
  • ICD-10 Coding Quiz: Compare Your Answers to the Experts'
  • Check Out Endometrial Hyperplasia Details
  • Use ABN Modifier for Non-Covered Flow Cytometry
  • Don't Unbundle Alcian Blue/PAS
  • Forget Professional Component DOS Instruction
  • Avoid Molecular Pathology Modifier Mix-Up
  • Clinical Lab: Grasp Final CLFS Pricing Details for Your Lab
  • CLFS: Check Out New Code Pricing and More
  • CPT® 2018: Greet New Way to Capture INR Monitoring
  • Documentation: Master Clean Claims with Targeted Queries
  • Medical Necessity Can Trump CCI
  • Determine Reason for Lead Test
  • Choose Specific Colon Polyp Code


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