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Master the Ins and Outs of Pain Management Coding and Billing

In 2018, coders will witness multiple changes in pain management coding. From the more specific ICD-10 codes for motor neuron disease and spinal stenosis to CPT® code changes for some evaluation and management (E/M) services, your practice has a lot to absorb in a pretty short time!

Do you want to master the differences between muscle and range of motion (ROM) testing? Are you facing problem using multiple  2018 CPT® codes? Your staff also needs to stay updated with the use of JW modifier, sixth-digit ICD-10 options for cervical disc disorders, and postprocedural hemorrhage and hematoma.

Overlooking these issues, or the many other coding guidelines and updates — including those related to MACRA, E/M codes, CCI edits, HIPAA compliance, and more — could adversely affect your practice’s bottom line!

Don’t be confused any more over the latest pain management coding updates.

Subscribe to TCI’s Pain Management Coding Alert today to stay on track!

Every month, let our experts take you through the list of 2018 CPT® and ICD-10 code additions, revisions, and deletions, and equip you with critical pain management coding guidelines and advice, which can help your practice stay compliant and profitable in 2018 and beyond.

Here’s a small sample of topics we’ve covered in recent issues:

  • Anatomy keys code choice on trigeminal, occipital nerve blocks
  • CCI Edits: Look for April Shower of CCI Bundle Changes
  • ICD-10: Count Time, Px Status to Nail Sequela Coding
  • Mythbusters: Dodge HPI Pitfalls with this List of Truths
  • Note Student Rule Change on E/M Documentation
  • Modifiers 24, 25 Are (Sometimes) Compatible
  • CMS Trying to Make EHR Regs Simpler
  • Get NPI Right on Incident-to E/M
  • Follow this FAQ advice for ABN success
  • Get expert advice on count extremities, muscles separately on chemodenervation
  • Difference between national coverage determination and local coverage determination
  • Documentation needs for urine drug screening
  • Documentation needs to gain prior authorization for diagnostic imaging, procedure and medication precertification
  • Proper documentation of moderate sedation
  • Sufficient documentation of procedure results, diagnostic imaging results and lab results
  • Insights on new, revised and deleted CPT® codes for 2018
  • Documentation and modifier use issues and other issues resulting in denials
  • Injections: Get Dx Right, and Then Take Aim at CTS Shot Coding
  • Clip and Save: Keep Drug Amounts Correct for Accurate Coding
  • Case Study Corner: Check Out These Modifier 25 Coding Scenarios
  • Avoid Reporting Prolonged E/M Codes with ED Codes
  • Know Chronic, Aura Definitions for Accurate Migraine Coding
  • ICD-10 2018: New Manual Rolls Out Expanded Spinal Stenosis Dx Group
  • FAQ: Wake Up to Sleep Apnea ICD-10 Choices


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