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Tips, Strategies and Guidelines for Accurately Coding Pain Management Procedures! 

For pain management practices, there are several new and revised codes in CPT® 2017 that affect how you code this year, including epidural injections and moderate sedation.

The 2017 diagnosis code sets also include several important changes for pain management practices — especially when reporting bilateral conditions such as carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS) and causalgia. There’s also been some changes to how you report some cervical disc disorders.

Not to forget issues relating to MPFS, MACRA, E/M codes, CCI edits, use of JW modifier, HIPAA compliance, and many more.

That’s why you should keep yourself up-to-speed with Pain Management Coding Alert! Every month our veteran coding editor Leigh DeLozier, CPC, brings to you the latest on ICD-10, CPT® and CCI changes; how-to articles for coding different pain management procedures; case studies, and practical questions from in-the-trenches coders.

Every month, you’ll glean valuable insights for everyday situations such as:

  • CPT® 2017: CPT®  creates injection/guidance combo codes.
  • CPT®  update: Don't sleep on new moderate sedation codes.
  • ICD-10 coding: Start at R10 for abdominal pain diagnoses.
  • Procedure coding: Code chemodenervation after patient condition check.
  • Count duration among HPI elements … usually.
  • Modify CLIA-waived claims for coding success.
  • Modifiers: Choose between 59/X after identifying distinct services.
  • Clip and save: Get HPI info with this template.
  • ICD-10 clears up Zika Dx question.
  • Modifiers: Trek across global periods to make 25/57 decision.
  • ICD-10 coding: Use these Dx tips for skull fracture patients.
  • Compliance: Conduct self-audits, help yourself spot coding flaws
  • And much more…

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