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2018 Essential Guide to Otolaryngology Coding, Billing, and Practice Management

Are you getting complete reimbursement for 2018 CPT® codes for the otolaryngology specialty? Need clarity on new procedure codes, modifiers, and bundling rules? You cannot afford to miss a single dollar.

Therefore, you need to have expert advice on:

  • New codes added to endoscopic sinus surgery (FESS)
  • Impact of revised RVUs/Medicare payments for endoscopic sinus surgery/dilation, epistaxis control, submucous resection of inferior turbinate, tracheostomy codes and more.
  • Endoscopic sinus debridements—what to appeal and what not to appeal.
  • Integrating ENT subspecialty coding principles in otology, rhinology, laryngology, facial plastics, head and neck surgery, pediatric otolaryngology and sleep surgery.
  • Applying coding rules and guidelines for the billing and supervision of ancillary services such as allergy, sleep studies, and in-office CT.

Staying updated with the latest code updates and avoiding denials due to erroneous reporting of services is critical to the health of your practice. And that’s where Otolaryngology Coding Alert can help. This newsletter is designed to help you compliantly optimize payment within the 2018 CPT® coding agenda.

Otolaryngology Coding Alert will cover new CPT® codes for FESS, modified wording on CPT® codes for bronchoscopy, as well as ICD-10 changes that affect otolaryngology.

Here’s just a sample of the articles you’ll find inside the monthly newsletter:

  • Revised Wording for Current CPT® Codes in 2018
  • New 2018 CPT® Codes for FESS
  • Modified CPT® Codes for Bronchoscopy in 2018
  • ICD-10 Updates for Otolaryngology
  • Documentation and Modifier Use Tricky Areas
  • Surgery Coding: Focus on Procedure Type, Date of Surgery with Modifier 57
  • ICD-10: Work Out these Challenging ICD-10 Scenarios
  • Modifiers: Test Your Modifier 25 Awareness with these Examples
  • Include Correct Documentation, Justification with Modifier 22
  • Determine Sialolithotomy Complexity By Means of These Factors
  • Refer to Appendix P for Telemedicine Codes
  • Code Unspecified for Mass of Nasal Cavity
  • Factor in All of these Elements to Reach Extended HPI
  • And much more!


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