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Otolaryngology Coding Alert

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Your Indispensable Monthly Otolaryngology Coding Guide

Coming time will bring many revenue-impacting coding changes to the ear, nose, and throat (ENT) specialty. New CPT® codes for injection laryngoplasty and more specific ICD-10 codes for pulsatile tinnitus are only the beginning! No otolaryngology practice can afford to overlook the latest CCI edits, MACRA, OIG work plan, E/M guidelines, or HIPAA compliance requirements.

The good news: Otolaryngology Coding Alert is here to help you stay informed, compliant, and profitable in 2017 and beyond. Our expert otolaryngology coding advice makes it easier than ever to maximize reimbursement.

Our Otolaryngology Coding Experts Can Save You Time and Money!

Let our editor Brett Rosenberg, MA, CPC, and consulting editor and industry expert Barbara J. Cobuzzi, MBA, CPC, CPC-H, CPC-P, CPC-I, CENTC, CPCO, Approved ICD-10-CM instructor share their knowledge, insight, and otolaryngology coding expertise in our monthly newsletter: Otolaryngology Coding Alertthe one and only coding newsletter your practice needs.

Recent Topics Covered In Otolaryngology Coding Alert:

  • ICD-10: Check Out Example of Proper Non-Indexable Disease Coding
  • Procedure Coding: Mind Method, Area on Ethmoidectomies
  • Report 1 Code for Tonsillectomy, Revision Adenoidectomy Combos
  • MIPS Measures: Keep In-Sync with Current MIPS Guidelines
  • Benchmarking: Does Your PA’s Modifier 25 Use Make the Grade?
  • 5 Quick 99211 Facts Help Guide Your Level 1 Coding
  • Bundle Radical Dissections, Resections Based on Documentation
  • Consider Type Of Telemedicine When Choosing Code
  • Get The Right Code For Drainage Of A Nasal Abscess
  • ICD-10: Abide By These Rules When Coding Foreign Bodies
  • Consider Oral Pain Med Part Of E/M
  • Coding For Tympanostomy, Tube Removal
  • Procedure Coding: Opt for 1 of 3 Coding Choices on Earwax Removal
  • Modifiers: Study Code Descriptors to Arrive at Modifier 50 Decision
  • ICD-10 Coding: Check Payer Policy for Acceptable Ethmoidectomy Dx
  • Get Accurate Test Count on ENG Claims
  • Warn Physicians Off 'Automatic' E/M Coding
  • Coding Laryngeal Botox Injections
  • And much more!

Subscriber Bonus: Free Access to a Wealth of Incredible Coding Resources

As an Otolaryngology Coding Alert subscriber, you get the coding industry’s hottest resources at no extra cost:

  • SuperCoder’s Specialty Alert Archive
    E-Subscription and E-Subscription + Print subscribers will get instant access to a keyword-searchable database on, where you can look up and review more than 160 archived issues of Otolaryngology Coding Alert. This is a $199.95 value!
  • SuperCoder’s Webinar Archive (6 AAPC-approved CEUs)
    Join the Coding Institute’s staff as they walk you through the top coding changes in and beyond otolaryngology. Plus, earn 6 AAPC- approved CEUs!
  • Up to 24 AAPC-approved CEUs per year
    In addition to the above, you can earn up to 6 CEUs by passing short quizzes and 12 more CEUs by subscribing to our FREE biweekly coding newsletter, SuperCoder Bolt. In total, that’s 24 AAPC-approved CEUs!


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