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Don’t Miss the Latest Orthopedic Updates, Reimbursement Opportunities, and Pitfalls

Every year, CPT® is packed with new reimbursement opportunities and pitfalls. Not to mention, ICD-10 2018 brings coding changes like we’ve never seen before. Plus, your RCM cycle could feel the pain as Medicare and other payers look for reasons to deny your claims. Additional roadblocks — whose effects will be felt this year and beyond — include CCI changes, existing bundling issues, MACRA, HIPAA compliance, the OIG work plan, and more.

Don’t worry! Orthopedic Coding Alert has got your back.

Orthopedic Coding Alert is the only monthly coding and reimbursement newsletter you need to stay informed, compliant, and profitable. It’s written by medical coding expert Chris Boucher, MS, an editor with 14 years of experience in coding. We’ve also got a coding expert on call: consulting editor Heidi Stout, BA, CPC, COSC, PCS, CCS-P, reviews every issue for accuracy and relevance for you, the orthopedic coder.

Each issue will help you stay alert to:

  • 2018 CPT® code
  • ICD-10 updates
  • MACRA and its impact on your practice
  • Quarterly CCI edits
  • OIG focus areas
  • E/M guidelines
  • 2018 fee schedule
  • Correct use of modifiers
  • NPP billing
  • HIPAA compliance requirements

Topics covered in recent issues:

  • CPT® 2018: Add-On Code Highlights New Manual Additions
  • Use FAQ to Master Disc Decompression, Discography Coding
  • Keep RAC Targets on Your Compliance Radar
  • Modifiers: Payer's Policy Should Guide Your 27/57 Decision
  • Clip and Save: Put New Aspiration Code in Its Place
  • FAQ: Get the Total Rundown on Knee Arthroplasties
  • ICD-10: Check for Arthroplasty when You See Certain Dx Codes
  • Mythbusters: Dx Will Help You Draw a Bead on CTS Shot Coding
  • ICD-10 2018: New Diagnosis Codes Expand Spinal Stenosis Set
  • News You Can Use: Feds Propose (Slight) Conversion Factor Increase
  • Compliance: Payer Set to Slash Some Modifier 25 Pay


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