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Insights on the Ophthalmology & Optometry Coding Updates from an Expert!

In a recent Medicare report, ophthalmology practices were among the 10 specialties with the highest improper payment rates for office visits. Ophthalmologists were responsible for over $22 million in improper payments for office visits alone. As an ophthalmology practice you think your claims are under enough scrutiny as it is, but several of the recovery audit contractors (RACs) are throwing a new issue your way with additional audits focused on cataract claims.  

This isn’t it! Your practice must be aware of these coding and billing scenarios in order to get the fair reimbursement. Such as:

  • Are Modifier 24 and 25 Compatible?
  • How Can You Determine When Blepharoplasty Is Cosmetic?
  • Should You Avoid 92002 for Refraction?
  • How Should You Report Multiple Eyelash Removals?
  • Know When Modifiers TC, 26 Apply
  • How to document correctly Fundus Photography Coding

And, what thorny questions are you grappling with right now? Here are some you may find all too familiar:

  • Cataract Surgery: Auditors Launch New Cataract Claim Reviews
  • Retina Coding FAQs: Can You Select the Right ICD-10 Codes for These Retinal Conditions?
  • Billing: Make Medicare Secondary Payer Claims A Breeze With A Few Simple Tips
  • This Chart Can Help You Pinpoint Primary Payer
  • Imaging: Know These 5 Facts About Fundus Photography Coding
  • Compliance: Avoid This Ophthalmologist's Fate — Know How to Spot Inducements
  • ICD-10 Coding Quiz: Can You Answer These Eye-Related Diagnosis Coding Questions?
  • E/M Coding: 3 FAQs – And Answers – About Inpatient E/M Coding
  • Part B Errors: CMS: Ophthalmologists Among Specialties With Highest Error Rates for Office Visits
  • ICD-10 Coding: Can You Accurately Diagnose These 3 Infrequently-Seen Eye Conditions?


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