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Did the announcement of ICD-10 updates leave you thinking, "not again!"?

With over 2000 ICD-10-CM and over 4000 ICD-10-PCS changes, the CDC and CMS have thrown many ob-gyn practices for a loop. Obstetrics and gynecology, in particular, has been hit by hundreds of new codes and revisions, including codes for operative complications and diabetes mellitus treated with insulin or oral hypoglycemics.

You just can't afford to ignore these updates, effective October 1:

  • 1974 new ICD-10-CM codes and 425 revisions
  • 3827 new ICD-10-PCS codes and 491 revisions
  • Official Guidelines additions and clarifications
  • An end to the "code family" grace period

Don't worry! We have you covered with the updated and expanded Ob-Gyn ICD-10 Handbook 2017:

  • Overview of the ICD-10-CM & -PCS code set updates
  • Ob-gyn coding guidelines explained in plain English by TCI's educators
  • Highlights of new ICD-10 updates specific to ob-gyn
  • 2017 ICD-10-CM and ICD-10-PCS Official Guidelines in the appendixes

Don't make the crucial mistake of ignoring the ICD-10 updates!

Perfect your Ob-Gyn Coding with these great topics in TCI's Ob-Gyn ICD-10 Handbook 2017.

  • Familiarize yourself with these five obstetric area changes for 2017
  • 6 categories simplify a myriad of ICD-10 gynecology changes
  • Brace yourself to handle over 4,000 new ICD-10-PCS codes
  • Define your approach using PCS code’s 5th character
  • Nail down root operations in ICD-10-PCS
  • Time to examine ICD-10 ob-gyn changes
  • Distinguish Zika exposure, symptoms, infection
  • Testing for Zika virus is now covered under part B
  • Make sense of your litany of pregnancy complication options
  • Justify extra reimbursement for pregnant diabetic patients with this advice
  • Seize the opportunity to expand interstitial cystitis details


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