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Capitalize on monthly guidance to command Neurology & Pain Management updates, reimbursement opportunities, and denial management!

Time is money, and that’s never been truer than when you’re staring at a stack of claim denials. With reimbursement under pressure, it’s imperative to get ahead of denials with informed and improved upfront revenue cycle processes. But let’s face it — when it comes to neurology and pain management coding, it doesn’t get much more challenging.

In addition to nailing down ICD-10, CPT®, and HCPCS code and guideline changes, you need to keep pace with regulatory updates, CCI edits, and revisions to modifiers, payer policies, the fee schedule, OIG target areas, and more.

Don’t risk your deserved pay.

Get the upper hand with expert monthly guidance to hone your reporting accuracy. TCI’s Neurology & Pain Management Coding Alert makes it easy to stay informed, compliant, and profitable.

Every issue of your subscription to Neurology & Pain Management Coding Alert lays out a wealth of timely information, breaking down the challenges you face and equipping you with money-in-the-bank answers to questions like:

  • How do I report the diagnosis of kyphosis in a patient who underwent a laminectomy in the past?
  • How do I report malignant meningeal and spinal cord tumors?
  • In what situations can we append modifier 25?
  • How do I report a nonruptured and congenital cerebral aneurysm?
  • Should I report M79.67- (Pain in foot and toes) or M25.57- (Pain in ankle and joints of foot) for a patient complaining of pain in the right ankle region?
  • How can we utilize our RAs to streamline our billing processes?

Say goodbye to
needless denials, avoidable audit risks, and unexpected payback demands.

Our neurology and pain management coding experts will provide you with essential guidance to overcome the pitfalls that compromise your claims and compliance success. We’re so sure your subscription will pay for itself many times over that we stand behind it with our 100% Money-Back Satisfaction Guarantee.

Benefit from solutions to top-trending problems — and secure your bottom line — with articles like:

  • Don’t Let Disc Disorder Dx Confusion Back You Into a Corner
  • Treatments Vary for Cervical Disc Disorder Px
  • Look Back for These Details on Intervertebral Disc Dx
  • Drop Pain Dx When Provider Reaches More Definitive Dx
  • Pause, Count the Minutes Before Coding Repeat Shot
  • Make Laterality Call Before Choosing Monoplegia Code
  • Stay on the Beat With Circadian Rhythm Disorder Dx Chops
  • Keep Base Code Knowledge Sharp on EP Study Claims
  • Cross CRNAs Off LT List
  • Make Px Condition Clearer With External Cause Codes
  • Observe This Privacy Rule for Deceased Patients
  • Crack This Chemodenervation Clinical Scenario
  • Go for Single-Code Option on CT Guidance/Epidural
  • Keep on the Right Track With Adhesiolysis Coding Smarts
  • Study Spinal Region When Choosing Radiculopathy Dx
  • End E/M Coding Confusion With Payer Advice
  • Pick Carefully on TMJ Disorder Dx
  • Get Mixed CP Dx Right
  • Avoid These Common 24/25 Myths to Max Out Claims

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