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Your Essential Guide to Critical Neurology and Pain Management Coding News!

In neurology and PM practices it’s probably a good idea to obtain a signed advance beneficiary notice (ABN) before performing a procedure that Medicare might not pay for. But do you know when a medical office should obtain an ABN? Or the benefits of having a signed ABN on file?

Plus, when the physician performs a consultation service, coders must know the specifics of the encounter before coding. Further, coders will need to check the individual payer’s policies on consultations before deciding which route to choose.

Each year, neurology and pain management coding is driven by a large number of challenges including CPT® updates, ICD-10 changes, payer policy decisions, and more. And this year, there’s been more to keep up with than normal.

Don’t worry. Neurology and Pain Management Coding Alert is here to help.

Let our experts bring you the advice and guidance you need to stay informed, compliant, and profitable.

Every month, subscribers get the latest coding information in articles like:

  • CCI Edits: April Puts Spotlight on CCI Bundle Switches
  • ICD-10: Rely on Patient Status for Accurate Sequela Coding
  • Compliance: Bolster ABN Knowledge with this FAQ
  • Use NPI to Help with Part A/B Decision
  • Ablation Codes for Multiple Destructions
  • Take this Primer to Heart on E/M Specs
  • Injections: Focus on Anatomy When Choosing Nerve Block Code
  • Compliance: Payer Preference Drives Coding for Services Within Global Period
  • E/M Coding: Heed This Advice for Accurate Consult Coding
  • Remember to Separate Extremities, Muscles on Chemodenervation
  • Go All the Way on Right-Sided Dx Coding
  • Reporting Joint Aspiration/Injections
  • Transitional Care: Dodge TCM Pitfalls with these Tips
  • Terminology 101: Hit Pay Dirt with this Migraine Coding Advice
  • Terminology 101, Session 2: Migraine Dx Coding Strength Depends on these Terms
  • Ask Questions for More Evoked Potentials Detail
  • Dig for Info on Nerve Block Delivery Method
  • Assessment Coding Depends on What Provider Assesses
  • Solve PFSH Level Issues with this Guidance
  • Coding Ab Pain Diagnosis


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