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Get How-To Articles on Different Modifiers with Specialty-Specific Modifier Case Studies, Modifier News & More.

Thanks to ever-changing rules and regulations from Medicare and other payers, modifier usage is increasing every year. But at the same time, payers are cracking down on modifier use with audits and increased scrutiny. Some private payers are even sending warning letters to providers who bill modifiers significantly more than their peers. It’s not surprising that many modifiers are on the OIG hit list.

Incorrect use of modifiers is one of the top billing errors reported by federal, state, and private payers. If your practice is falling victim to this problem, you could face unnecessary claim denials, wasted follow-up time, lost revenue, OIG investigations, and more.

Are you risking denials, slashed reimbursement, and even fraud charges every time you file a claim?

Written by coding expert Leesa A. Israel, BA, CPC, CUC, CEMC, CPPM, CMBS, and reviewed by industry experts, each issue of Modifier Coding Alert delivers concise answers for dealing with your toughest coding and reimbursement challenges. We’ll help you ethically optimize your reimbursement, simplify your job, and make your practice more profitable.

Take a look at some of the topics covered in the most recent issue of Modifier Coding Alert:

  • CPT® 2016: Learn New Prolonged Services Codes, Master 'Team' Coding
  • Look to 66 In 'Team' Situations
  • Use Modifier 27 On Multiple Outpatient E/Ms
  • Know CPT® Rules to Nail Bilateral Claims
  • Include 59 When Providers Test For 2 Flu Strains
  • E/M Modifiers: Rely On Modifier 24 to Succeed In Coding Unrelated Postop E/Ms
  • Sort Out Modifier Mess On Multi-Provider Fracture Care
  • Be Ready With Modifier Knowledge When Screenings Turn Therapeutic
  • Break Out 25 When Counseling Leads To Vaccination
  • Focus on Debridement Types Before Adding 59
  • Put Postop Surgeries into Focus with 78, 79
  • Use Modifier 32 When Third Party Mandates Service
  • Look at published X{ESPU} examples some payers are offering.
  • Know when you should — and shouldn’t — attach modifiers 26/TC for proper payment.
  • Focus on who did what when choosing modifier 54, 55, or 56.
  • Know why you need to consult your payer about the need for modifier AI.
  • Mitigate risk with modifiers 51, 52, and 59. 
  • Discover why modifier 25 is on the OIG watch list
  • And much more...

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