Master Physician Coding in 4 Parts

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Are you buried in claim denials? Are you suffering through a long list of appeals? Are you fed up with lackluster reimbursement?

Our TCI experts put an end to the misery and put you on the path of efficient and profitable medical reporting with Master Physician Coding in 4 Parts.

  • Part 1: Master the Ins and Outs of Physician Coding
  • Part 2: Conquer Medicare’s Coding, Billing, and Reimbursement Regs
  • Part 3: Take the Guesswork out of Evaluation and Management Coding
  • Part 4: Get to Know CPT® Modifier Lay Terms and Explanations


Rely on Master Physician Coding in 4 Parts to navigate the intricacies of physician coding, from anesthesia through urology!

Conquer Medicare’s coding, billing, and reimbursement regulations with the lowdown on advance beneficiary notices, add-on codes, global surgical packages, multiple-scope rule, and more. Nail down E/M coding for hospital observation, prolonged services, and medical team conferences. Get CPT® modifiers right every time with lay terms written in everyday language.

Sharped your coding skills with this indispensable and comprehensive resource:

  • Ace physician coding across specialties—anesthesia through urology
  • Command diagnosis (ICD-10-CM) coding
  • Get the skinny on after hours coding
  • Get the heads up on the Medicare physician fee schedule
  • Stay in charge of HCPCS level II codes
  • Take stock of multiple procedures coding
  • Zip through consultations coding
  • Know your way around place-of-service (POS) codes
  • Grasp coding for emergency department services
  • Get reimbursed for standby services
  • Conquer care plan oversight services coding
  • Crack down on the correct coding initiative
  • Find untapped revenue for nursing facility services, rest home services, and home services
  • Get clarification on telephone and online medical evaluation services coding
  • Turbocharge your special E/M services coding
  • Jumpstart your coding for critical care, inpatient neonatal, pediatric, and older pediatric
  • Know the nuances of concurrent care coding
  • Don’t lose reimbursement for family conferences or second opinions
  • Perfect shared E/M visits reporting
  • Master CPT® modifiers with lay terms and explanations
  • Ensure compliance with the E/M Audit Tool
  • And so much more!


Code right the first time and get out from under the paperwork with Master Physician Coding in 4 Parts

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