Comprehensive Guide to Navigate Home Health Rehab Hospice ICD-10 Challenges

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  • Home Health Coding & OASIS Expert (E-Subscription-yearly) $199.00
  • Physical Medicine and Rehab Coding Alert (E-Subscription-yearly) $199.00
  • Home Health ICD-10 Handbook 2015 (E-Book) $149.00
  • 2015 ICD-10 Physiatry / Rehabilitation Chart (8.5" x 11") $39.95
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Post Oct 1, 2015, you need to understand that it is not the end of ICD-10 training; it’s only the beginning. It is a critical time for home health, rehab, and hospice coders to master the new code set.

Found the support you need for ICD-10 changes and challenges? Do you know how to regain productivity with ICD-10 Coding?

The Coding Institute provides you everything you need to know about ICD-10. From mastering the key differences between ICD-9 and ICD-10 to real-world home health, rehab, and hospice diagnosis coding scenarios, our products dig deeper than simple training on the new codes.

Get all the ICD-10 answers you need with our concise expert guidance and tips.

Here’s a list of products that will help you prepare for ICD-10:

The Home Health ICD-10 Handbook 2015

This handbook will help you quickly update your agency about the code structure differences and the changes to commonly use home care diagnosis codes. Beginning with a brief history of the ICD code set, you’ll move on to learning about the way ICD-10 codes are composed and how the structure differs from ICD-9. Next, you’ll find detailed explorations of how coding for many of the most common home health diagnoses will change in ICD-10.

Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation Coding Alert

This monthly newsletter will help you ramp up your ICD-10 preparations. Get a leg up on all the ICD-10 coding and compliance issues as you prepare for the new system with easy online access to past issues of this newsletter. Plus, learn how to adjust quickly to ICD-10’s increased specificity requirements in your documentation for physical therapy and rehabilitation services.

Home Health Coding & OASIS Expert

Accurate OASIS assessments and diagnosis coding are essential ingredients for the success of your home health agency. If you hope to secure all the case mix points you’re due, you need to make certain every response you select and each diagnosis code you assign is correct. Count on this monthly newsletter to help you survive the post implementation ICD-10 challenges with practical, field-tested advice. Plus, get online access to past issues of this newsletter for speedy answers to your ICD-10 questions.

2015 ICD-10 Physiatry/Rehabilitation Chart

The Coding Institute brings you the easiest and most reliable ICD-10 quick-reference charts for physiatry and rehabilitation. These two double-sided laminated charts (8.5” x 11”) will help you spot the top-reported ICD-10 codes for physiatry and rehabilitation and eliminate the bottlenecks that the transition will bring to your practice.

So call 1-800-508-2582 today to start receiving the answers you and your team need to survive ICD-10 changes and challenges post ICD-10 implementation.

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