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Protect your bottom line with expert monthly guidance to defeat your ICD-10 reporting challenges.

2019 ICD-10-CM codes are in play, with 500+ updates to the code set impacting nearly every specialty. What’s more, extensive guideline and parenthetical note revisions heighten the potential for error and will require a thorough understanding to apply the many nuanced code changes with proficiency.

Don’t risk your deserved pay.

Get step-by-step tips and advice delivered each month to successfully navigate 2019 code and guideline changes with your risk-free subscription to ICD-10 Coding Alert.

Capitalize on in-depth documentation and reimbursement guidance. Hone your coding know-how with real-world examples broken down in simple how-to terms. Get your staff up to speed with practical ICD-10 training strategies. Win the battle against claim denials and subpar reimbursement — starting today.

TCI’s ICD-10 Coding Alert makes it quick and convenient for you and your team to stay informed, compliant, and profitable.

Every issue of this invaluable resource packs a wealth of information — including answers to questions from readers like you, such as:

  • We’ve been told not to report rule-out diagnoses, but what are our options when our provider circles rule-out diagnoses without recording a final diagnosis?
  • How long after treatment can we use the cancer diagnosis code C56.9 for a patient of ovarian cancer who has completed treatment?
  • What’s the difference between an unstageable pressure ulcer and a pressure ulcer with an unspecified stage?
  • Should I include both diagnoses codes for a patient who underwent a 3-view ankle X-ray for a left, displaced lateral malleolus fracture and a 2-view X-ray for left, upper end fibular fracture?

avoidable denials, reckless audit risks, and debilitating payback demands.

Our AHIMA ICD-10 trainers will equip you with timely, game-changing guidance to overcome the reporting pitfalls that threaten your practice’s financial health. In fact, we’re so confident your subscription will pay for itself countless times over that we back it with our 100% Money-Back Satisfaction Guarantee.

Bank your reimbursement with solutions to problematic issues in articles like:

  • Check Up on Updates on Infection, Sepsis
  • Dial In on External Cause Coding
  • Understand Which Code Choices Apply to Migraines
  • Code for Specificity, Follow Payer’s Billing Rules
  • Try Utilizing Combo Dx Code for Influenza, Ear Infection
  • Look to Visit Timing to Clarify Seventh Character Confusion
  • Don’t Get Stumped on Leukorrhea
  • Know These Ob-Gyn Guideline Revisions or Risk Disaster
  • See to the Correct Codes for Cornea Dx
  • Keep These Open/Closed Rib Fracture Fix Codes on Hand
  • Look to Terminology to Code Spinal Tumors
  • Don’t Let Carpal Tunnel Mistakes Freeze Your Reimbursement
  • Bust These Myths for Clear-Cut Cardiac Coding
  • Coding Quiz: Test Your COPD Coding Knowledge with This 3-Question Quiz
  • Crush This Coding Conundrum by Choosing the Correct Character
  • Code Continued, not Completed, Until Condition Concludes
  • Apply Specific Dx to Specific X-Ray Image in This Multiple Fracture Encounter
  • Understand Guidelines to Accurately Document Adverse Effects
  • Know the Principal Dx for Specific Sequela Selection

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