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Brace Yourself for 490+ ICD-10-CM Code Changes.

The 2019 ICD-10-CM final changes are out and nearly every specialty will be impacted! The final codes include 490+ ICD-10-CM code updates encompassing 320 new codes, 172 revised codes, and 3 deletions. Failing to implement these, as well as subtle and manifold guideline changes, will cost your practice money. 

Don’t worry! ICD-10 Coding Alert is here to help. Every month, our AHIMA ICD-10 trainers bring you the expert guidance and advice you need to stay up-to-date, compliant, and error-free.

Get step-by-step details on how to incorporate 2019 code and guideline changes.

Leverage in-depth documentation and reimbursement guidance. Get your staff up to speed with practical ICD-10 training strategies. Profit from answers to your day-to-day ICD-10 coding questions. Ensure you’re prepared for the revenue-risking challenges to come with up-to-the-minute guidance conveniently delivered to you each month.

As subscriber, you will receive timely articles such as:

  • Get a Sneak Peek at ICD-10-CM Changes with This Overview
  • Avoid These Errors for Correct Atherosclerosis Coding
  • Case Study Corner: Reach for These Codes When Hard Times Hit
  • ICD-10 Coding: Take These Steps to Find Pressure Ulcer Coding Relief
  • Run to These Codes for Foot Pain Dx
  • Look Beyond Index to Find WARI Code
  • Document Smoking History in This Malignant Neoplasm Encounter
  • Stay on the Right Side of These Extremity Pain Codes
  • Pick This Code for Antepartum Non-Immune Rubella
  • Use This Handy Code to Report Myositis Encounters
  • Choose This Code for Old MI? Not So Fast
  • Perfect Your Neoplasm Dx Coding with These Practical Pointers
  • Simplify Stomach Pain Coding with These 3 Hints
  • Understand Principal Dx for Specific Sequela Selection
  • Know These Keywords for OM Dx
  • Code B20 When HIV Patient Is Symptomatic
  • Choose Combo Codes for RA of Knee and Rheumatoid Disease
  • Apply These Diagnostic Codes After Treatment
  • Decide Displacement, Degeneration for Definitive Disc Disorder Documentation
  • Sharpen Your Skills by Coding These ED-Specific Scenarios
  • Improve Your Weight Dx Reporting by Understanding BMI
  • Follow Guidelines, Know Anatomy, Record Chronic Frontal Sinusitis Correctly
  • Take This Advice When Searching for TBI Codes
  • Ask These 4 Questions, Code This Fracture Dx with Precision
  • Code for Toxicity, Exposure When Noted in Chalcosis Dx
  • Look to This Code for "Corkscrew Esophagus"
  • Know Rheumatic, Nonrheumatic for Accurate Valve Disorder Coding
  • And much more! 


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