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General Surgery Coding Alert

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Get Critical General Surgery Coding and Reimbursement Guidance Every Month!

2018 is a make-or-break year for your general surgery practice’s bottom line, and upcoming coding and regulatory changes won’t make it easy to capture the pay you deserve. CPT® 2018 found ways to keep you on your toes with new codes to describe esophagectomy using thoracoscopic and/or laparoscopic esophageal mobilization, with distinct codes describing different anatomic approaches. With big changes to vascular codes, too, you need to make sure you get a grasp of all the updates that will impact how you report your general surgery claims in 2018.

Also, now that CMS has released the 2018 MPFS final rule, you will need to know all you can to ensure that your Medicare claims are paid in the New Year.

At the same time you cannot afford to overlook the latest CCI edits, ICD-10-CM code updates, annual OIG work plan, and HIPAA compliance requirements.

Don’t worry! General Surgery Coding Alert is here to help. For nearly 20 years, practices like yours have relied on our experts to teach them everything they need to know about CPT®, HCPCS, diagnosis coding, CCI edits, billing strategies, reimbursement tactics, and so much more. This monthly newsletter will also help you develop strategies for reviewing and improving diagnosis documentation and coding.

Topics covered in recent issues of General Surgery Coding Alert include:

  • CPT® 2018: Upgrade Laparoscopic Esophagectomy Coding
  • CPT® 2018: Learn New Category III Code Choices
  • MPFS 2018: Expect More Changes to Telehealth Coding in 2018
  • CPT® 2018: Change Anticoagulant Management Coding
  • HIPAA: Halt Phishing Vulnerability With These Handy Tips
  • Find 'Global Days' This Way
  • Step Up Your ICD-10 Coding Know How
  • CPT® 2018: Get the Scoop on Observation-Code Clarification
  • Practice Management: Ease Patient Requests for PHI With This Form
  • Focus Lap Pelvic Lymphadenectomy
  • CPT® 2018: AAA Endovascular Repair Overhaul
  • And More


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