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Prior to January 1, only an unlisted code could describe a far-reaching peritoneoscopy involving biopsy(ies), washings, and resection of omentum and multiple regional lymph nodes. Now you have a new code to capture this type of procedure, which your surgeon might perform for patients with conditions such as ovarian, cervical, or prostate cancer.

That’s not all. When your general surgeon takes a case for gastro-intestinal surgery, you can’t afford to miss the diagnosis code that most accurately describes the condition — and ensures appropriate procedure pay. Because the surgeon or the referring clinician may describe symptoms that are the indication for surgery, you’ll need to be able to “decode” any narrative diagnoses you receive, and report the best ICD-10 code.

Although the changes may be a lot to learn, General Surgery Coding Alert will help you focus on how the revisions can actually streamline your coding.

Topics covered in recent issues of General Surgery Coding Alert include:

  • E/M Focus: Smash 5 Common E/M Coding Myths
  • CPT® 2018: Update Bone Marrow Sampling with New, Revised Codes
  • ICD-10-CM: Diagnosis: It's Not Just for Medical Necessity Anymore
  • Clarify Diverticulosis Coding
  • Solve Catheter Insertion- Replacement- Removal-Mystery
  • Beware All-Encompassing Endograft Codes
  • CPT® 2018: Greet New Laparoscopic Peritoneal-Lymphadenectomy Code
  • ICD-10: Don't Let 'Medical Necessity' Gap Undermine GI Surgery Pay
  • HIPAA: Ace Your Security Rule Compliance with 3 Tips
  • Check Payer Rules for GERD Procedure
  • Focus on Details for Lap-Band Adjustment
  • Colon Resection Connection Drives Code Choice
  • CCI Update: Master Version 24.0 Edits for Your Surgery Practice
  • ICD-10: Capture Underlying HIV Condition for Surgical Report
  • Nail Down Method and Reason for Colonoscopy Code
  • Get Hemorrhoid Coding Right
  • Look Ahead to Appropriate Use for Imaging


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