Gastroenterology ICD-10 Handbook 2017

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The CDC and CMS have introduced more than 2000 ICD-10-CM and over 4000 ICD-10-PCS changes.

Did you think you could rest now that ICD-10-CM implementation was accomplished? Think again! Hundreds of the new codes and revisions relate to the gastrointestinal system and complications of surgery, so you have plenty of new material to master.

Want the details? Here's a summary of what you will see October 1.

  • Just under 2,000 new ICD-10-CM codes and 425 revised codes
  • Over 3,600 new ICD-10-PCS codes, 491 revised codes, and 12 deleted codes, resulting in 75,625 valid codes
  • Many additions and revisions to the official guidelines
  • The end of the "code family" grace period

Check out the special new features you'll find in the Gastroenterology ICD-10 Handbook 2017:

  • General information related to the ICD-10-CM & -PCS code set updates
  • Gastroenterology coding guidelines explained in plain English by TCI's educators
  • Highlights of new ICD-10 gastroenterology codes and revisions
  • 2017 ICD-10-CM and ICD-10-PCS Official Guidelines

Wait! There's more!

  • Grab the 2017 diagnosis changes for gastroenteritis and colitis
  • Don’t ignore new codes for intraoperative and postprocedural complications
  • Size up these 7 gastroenterology changes for ICD-10-CM 2017
  • Master Crohn’s disease coding: Look at symptoms, diagnostic procedures, and options for treatment
  • Conquer ulcerative enterocolitis coding obstacles with correct complication choices
  • Arm yourself with these handy colonic polyp codes
  • Use ICD-10-CM codes to justify screening colonoscopy for colorectal cancer


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