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Gastroenterology Coding Alert

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Tap into expert monthly guidance to defeat top-trending gastro claim and compliance issues — and secure your full pay.

Your gastroenterology practice isn’t alone if you’re anxious about hurdling reimbursement obstacles in the months ahead. Besides nailing down ICD-10, CPT®, and HCPCS code and guideline updates, you’ll need a sure grip on documentation requirements, regulatory updates, CCI edits, and revisions to modifiers, payer policies, the fee schedule, OIG target areas … the list goes on.

Why waste time trying to track critical updates or search for answers to clear up costly confusion?

Don’t risk your hard-earned pay. Leverage vital, to-the-point monthly guidance to boost your reporting accuracy and your coding know-how. We make it convenient for your team to stay informed, compliant, and profitable with a risk-free subscription to TCI’s Gastroenterology Coding Alert.

Every issue of Gastroenterology Coding Alert lays out a wealth of information, breaking down the challenges you face and delivering money-in-the-bank answers to questions like:

  • Is 46600 the correct code to report a proctosigmoidoscopy performed to look for evidence of colitis on a patient complaining of abdominal cramps, frequent bowel movements, and blood in the stool?
  • What’s the rule on coding the treatment of numerous chronic throat ulcers before or after an HIV diagnosis? Also, should I code the patient as asymptomatic HIV status?
  • When coding an E/M chart, how do we know where the “current” conditions/symptoms and the “past” conditions/symptoms fit into the code choice?

avoidable denials, reckless audit risks, and sapping payback demands.

Our gastroenterology coding experts will arm you with timely, game-changing guidance to overcome the myriad pitfalls that threaten your claims and compliance success. In fact, we’re so confident your subscription will pay for itself countless times over that we back it with our 100% Money-Back Satisfaction Guarantee.

Bank your deserved pay with solutions to problematic issues in articles such as:

  • Colorectal Screenings Go Beyond Colonoscopies – Can You Code Them All?
  • Ensure That Time Is on Your Side
  • 5 Tips Help You Master 99211
  • How Should You Report Proctopexy?
  • Differentiate Between Prolonged Service Types
  • Same Polyp Ablated, Removed? Report One Code Only
  • Latest CPT® Edition Features New G-Tube Codes
  • J3380 Is Gastroenterologists’ Second Most-Billed Code – Can You Bill It Properly?
  • OIG Adds Critical Care to Work Plan
  • Symptoms Have Different Rules Than Suspected Diagnoses
  • Heed These Colonoscopy Documentation Rules
  • Streamline E/M Coding With Specifics
  • Know How to Differentiate Anoscopy From Proctosigmoidoscopy

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