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Prepare for 2018 Regulatory Changes and Their Impact on the Provision of Care Under the Medicare Hospice Benefit

All healthcare providers are continually challenged to remain compliant with the ever-changing regulations that impact the services they provide. In recent years, many changes have been enacted that impact the provision of hospice services.

Can your hospice survive if half of your claims got denied on a regular basis? Highly unlikely! That’s why you must make sure you know these top denial reasons before you submit any claims: 

  • Physician Narrative Statement Not Present or Not Valid
  • No Valid Election Statement Submitted
  • No Plan of Care
  • Documentation Submitted Does Not Support Prognosis of Six Months or Less
  • Failing to respond to the Additional Development Request


These denial reasons indicate that hospices may have a rough road ahead if they don’t have proper resource to tackle these challenges. And this is where Eli’s Hospice Insider comes in.

Eli’s Hospice Insider will give you all the latest information about coming reimbursement changes, from wholesale payment reform to legislative rate reductions. We’ll also be there to help you prepare for new quality data reporting requirements, so you can avoid reimbursement reductions and low scores. Plus, the MACs are cracking down on certain types of claims with medical review — long-stay patients, residents of nursing homes, and non-specific diagnoses to name a few. Learn how to protect your agency against the review hot spots and ward off costly denials.

With Eli’s Hospice Insider you get stories like:

  • Corrections For Payment Reform-Sparked Billing Errors Still Available
  • ADR Responses To Become Crucial In Targeted Probe & Educate Era
  • Fight Off Nonresponse Denials With These 9 Pointers
  • Speed Your Appeals With New Low-Volume Alternative
  • Consider Whether You Should Seek RHC, SIA Payment Adjustments
  • Follow These Dos And Don'ts For Hospice Reform Payment Corrections
  • You Can't Submit NOEs Electronically Without This Crucial Item
  • Medicare Termination Notices Hit Cyberspace
  • Know The 7 Hospice Compare Measures From Treatment Preferences To Bowel Regimens


Every issue of Eli’s Hospice Insider brings you the tools you need to achieve optimal standard in hospice care.

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