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Keeping Your Agency Profitable and Compliant in 2017 and Beyond

Eli’s Home Care Week brings you guidance, news, and analysis of the latest home care developments — everything from the do’s and don’ts of face-to-face encounter documentation to reimbursement changes, cuts to pay-for-performance, and more. Our leading home health experts can also help you capitalize on hidden revenue opportunities, protect yourself from audits, and ward off denials. Don’t miss out on your well-deserved reimbursement.

Our Home Care Experts Can Help Save You Time and Money

Let executive editor Rebecca L. Johnson arm you with the home care guidance and advice you need to stay informed, compliant, and profitable in 2017 and beyond. Just subscribe to our monthly newsletter: Eli’s Home Care Week.

Topics Covered in Recent Issues of Eli’s Home Care Week:

  • Follow 8 Documentation Tips To Ward Off Therapy Denials
  • OIG Hammers Home Health Fraud In Semiannual Report
  • Prevent 38157 Rejections With Some Education
  • Prepare Now For Beneficiaries' SSN-Free Medicare Cards
  • How To Prepare For Your Top CoP Challenges
  • What To Expect In The Forthcoming 2018 PPS Proposed Rule
  • Make Sure You Document Your HIQH Search For Transfers
  • Copays May Not Solve Budget Problems, Study Suggests
  • Feds Continue Crack-Down On Medicaid Home Care Fraud
  • Pinpoint Your HIPAA Weaknesses — Before Violations Result In A Breach
  • And more!

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