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Do you know that Emergency physicians ranked eighth on CMS’ list of specialties with the highest Part B improper payment rates, logging a 12.7 percent rate last year that represented $315.3 million in inappropriate charges?

That means you need to double check your documentation if you don’t want paybacks. Plus, you also need to know the new Medicare texting guidance dos and don'ts. Also, there are new guidelines and revisions that are pertinent to emergency care coding, critical care and urgent care for the 2018 coding year. And don’t forget about CPT®, Correct Coding Initiative (CCI) edits, and general reimbursement and compliance changes. Subscribe to ED Coding and Reimbursement Alert, TCI’s specialty-specific, monthly coding newsletter to learn how to submit cleaner, more streamlined claims.

Recent Topics Covered in ED Coding and Reimbursement Alert:

  • Documentation: CMS Rethinks Its Policy on Students' E/M Documentation
  • E/M Coding: Here's How to Determine When 99285 is Warranted
  • ICD-10: Can You Answer These ICD-10 Coding Questions?
  • Know How to Answer the SNF Question
  • Know the Epistaxis Encounter Rules
  • Consider Time When Selecting Breathing Treatment Codes
  • Understand How to Code Multiple Eyelash Removals
  • Check Payer Policies Before Filing Appeals
  • Differentiate Open, Closed Fractures
  • Modifiers: Last-Minute Change Saves Practices from Further Modifier 25 Pay Cuts
  • Billing: Perfect Your Medicare Secondary Payer Claims With These Tips
  • Use This Chart to Determine Primary Payer
  • ICD-10: Heed These ED-Specific ICD-10 FAQs
  • Heed This Laceration Repair, Debridement Advice
  • Remember to Sign Those Orders
  • Pinpoint the Myositis Code
  • Does This Scenario Require More Information?
  • Which E/M Code Applies When ED Patient Becomes Inpatient?


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