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How many times does your productivity stall because you need a quick and trusted answer to a high-stakes question?

CMS ranks emergency room visits high on the list of Part B improper payments, logging an 11.7% error rate and totaling over $290 million in costs. The overwhelming majority of errors resulted from incorrect coding, while a substantial 13.2% resulted from insufficient documentation. This latest CERT report underscores the need to hone your reporting skills and stay on top of the latest code and guideline updates to avoid denials and payback demands.

Don’t risk your deserved ED pay.

Stay in the know with your monthly subscription to TCI’s ED Coding and Reimbursement Alert—and ensure you keep pace with CPT®, ICD-10, and HCPCS code changes, quarterly CCI edits, regulatory updates, revisions to modifiers, payer policies, the fee schedule, and more.

Each issue of this invaluable resource lays out a wealth of information, breaking down the challenges you face and answering questions like:

  • Which fracture should we report first in case a patient reports multiple fractures?
  • A 66-year-old patient comes to the ED and complains of shortness of breath. After conducting a series of tests, the emergency department physician diagnoses her with a single subsegmental pulmonary embolism, without any cor pulmonale. How do I report this?
  • What are the necessary documentation requirements for vent management?
  • An outside consultant came in and reviewed our ED claims. He advised us to appeal as several claims were paid incorrectly. How do we appeal and what all do we need to include on the appeals?
  • How do I code a bimalleolar ankle fracture?
  • Which code applies when a patient with pressure-induced deep tissue damage on her right heel presents to the ED and the physician does not document it as an ulcer?

Our coding experts, led by editors Michael Granovsky, MD, CPC, FACEP and Torrey Kim, will arm you with emergency coding, billing, and reimbursement guidance. Our to-the-point guidance makes it convenient for your ED to remain compliant and profitable. Equip your team with game-changing coding tutorials, high-impact tips, and indispensable advice to conquer the revenue-risking issues that threaten your claims success.

Safeguard your ED from audit risks, denials, and revenue loss with articles like:

  • Want to Confirm a High-Level ED Code? Examine the Note
  • Avoid Making Part B Errors With Tips Straight From the MACs
  • Check Out These New CPT® Codes for Spinal Puncture
  • Change in TC, PC Billing Policy Could Impact Your ED
  • Are Your 99285 Claims Above the Average?
  • UHC: $32B Wasted in Treating Conditions in ED That Could Be Seen in Primary Care Offices

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