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Defeat upcoding, downcoding, and E/M coding confusion with expert guidance delivered each month!

E/M is probably the most commonly billed physician service — and CMS’s CERT contractors are seeing an increase in E/M claims issues due to improper coding, insufficient notes, and setting misunderstandings. Meanwhile, downcoded established patient visits (99211-99215) continue to leave disturbing sums of your rightful money on the table.

Sort out the confusion once and for all and secure your E/M pay.

Stay informed, get answers to your E/M coding and documentation questions, and find the help you need to bank your deserved pay with your risk-free subscription to E/M Coding Alert.

Every issue of E/M Coding Alert lays out a wealth of information, tackling the challenges you face and delivering money-in-the-bank answers to questions like:

  • When coding an E/M chart, how do we know where the “current” conditions/symptoms and the “past” conditions/symptoms fit into the code choice?
  • What types of discharge fall under the transitional care management codes?
  • What factors weigh in to correctly assign the level of medical decision making for a visit where my physician provided preoperative clearance for an established patient?
  • How do I choose between the two types of past medical, family, and social history (PFSH)?
  • Can we count a “complete” ROS when the surgeon includes a statement such as “A 10-point ROS was negative” in the exam notes?
  • Is there any way to get paid for an established office visit when a patient comes in for a PSA screening?


Month after month you’ll receive high-impact, to-the-point tips and advice as our experts tackle revenue-risking issues that threaten your claims and compliance success.

Stay on top of E/M guidelines and CPT® and HCPCS code changes, as well as the latest revisions to CCI bundles, CMS regulations, payer policies, trending CERT-identified errors, and more — and ensure your practice runs smoothly, efficiently, and profitably.

Overcome the pitfalls that threaten your claims and compliance success with articles such as:

  • Can NPPs Bill Multiple Same-Day E/Ms? This MAC Says “Yes.”
  • Count on This System to Find MDM Level
  • Make Sure Medical Necessity Drives Documentation
  • Know When, and When Not, to Code for Screening Colonoscopy, E/M
  • Mend This Medicaid Modifier Muddle
  • Keep Your Eye on the Clock in This Multiple Physician Scenario
  • Consider These Codes for Behavioral Health, Collaborative Care
  • Know CMS Criteria to Solve Critical Care Conundrums
  • Add up HPI Elements Correctly for Accurate E/M Assessment
  • Get Your First Look at the Proposed E/M Revisions for 2019
  • Take This Advice for Correct Critical Care Coding


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