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Used on a daily basis by every physician practice, evaluation and management (E/M) codes are the most common procedural codes out there. They’re also the codes most targeted by auditors. Because there are so many guidelines associated with E/M codes, even the best coders can make mistakes while using them.

For example, you’re familiar with the role the review of systems (ROS) plays in E/M services. But the complexity of ROS reporting makes it difficult to master no matter what your experience level. You’re also aware of the difference between a patient transferring to another provider and a provider consulting on a patient problem. Yet coding for each situation can be tricky and — in the case of consultation — can impact your practice’s revenue stream positively or negatively depending on your knowledge of payer preferences and your E/M coding choices.  

In situations like these, you and your staff need to know how to document these codes correctly to make sure that your practice is getting paid appropriately.

How can you make sure everyone in your back office is an E/M coding and billing pro?

We’re glad you asked! By subscribing to TCI’s monthly newsletter, E/M Coding Alert, you get trusted, expert advice along with down-to-earth coverage of all the coding issues that are important to your bottom line.

Here’s just a small sample of articles featured in recent issues of E/M Coding Alert:

  • Mythbusters: Bust These E/M Coding Myths Once and for All
  • Guidelines: Know How and When to Apply the "Nurse's Code"
  • Care Management: Consider These Components, Manage Chronic, Complex Care Coding
  • Document Necessity in This E/M-25 Encounter
  • E/M Guidelines: Look Here to Find the Answers to Your System Review Questions
  • Documentation: Recognize Referral, Consultation Differences, Add to Your Bottom Line
  • Specialty Spotlight: Emergency Department: Understand When 99285 Is Too Much or Not Enough
  • Observation Coding: View This FAQ, See Observation Coding Clearly
  • Evaluate Global Days, Modify E/M Services Correctly
  • Decide the Best Way to Use This E/M-Specific Modifier
  • Document E/M Service With This Injection Encounter


PLUS: As an E/M Coding Alert subscriber, you’re connected to the coding industry’s hottest resources at no extra cost:

  • Meet your annual CEU requirements without travelling with the free resources you get with E/M Coding Alert. We offer quizzes to accompany issues of our SuperCoder Bolt (12 CEUs total annually), and you can attend our Webinars (6 CEUs) to keep your certification ticking.
  • SuperCoder’s Webinar Archive (6 AAPC-approved CEUs) Get access to our SuperCoder webinars (current and archived) to clear your coding hurdles.


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