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Get the Most Critical E/M Coding Updates, and the Documentation Solutions You Need!

2017 was no cakewalk, and early indications are that 2018 will make last year look easy. Now more than ever, you can’t afford to make mistakes with your E/M coding and billing.

For example, 2018 CPT and ICD-10-CM code changes are out. This includes CPT code changes for therapeutic interventions, observation care discharge day management, care management services, and more. CMS’s also recently released the 2018 Medicare Physician Fee Schedule (MPFS). If you fail to document and code with any of these changes in mind, you could be setting your practice up for disaster.

How can you make sure everyone in your back office is an E/M coding and billing pro?

We’re glad you asked! By subscribing to TCI’s monthly newsletter, E/M Coding Alert, you get trusted and and expert advice along with down-to-earth coverage of all the coding issues that are important to your bottom line.

Here’s just a small sample of topics covered in recent issues of E/M Coding Alert:

  • Know When to Append Modifier 25
  • Avoid Reporting Prolonged E/M Services in ED
  • Decipher Modifier Indicator of 1 in CCI Edits
  • 2018 Proposed MPFS Suggests Revising 1995 and 1997 E/M Documentation Guidelines
  • Modifiers: Go Beyond Just Documentation to Master Modifier 57
  • Use Time as Dominant Factor
  • ACP: Refine Your ACP Coding Skills With These FAQs
  • Investigate Whether to Bill for 2 ED E/M Encounters
  • Compliance: Receive a 99215 Denial? Expert Advice Will Show You What You Did Wrong
  • ED Codes Don't Apply in the Office
  • See What ICD-10 Codes to Report With 99497 and +99498
  • Medical Necessity Key to Reporting 99212
  • Puzzle Out Split/Shared Vs. Incident-To Visits
  • CCI: Master the Nuts and Bolts of CCI Edits to Excel in Your E/M Coding
  • How do You Choose the Right Hospital Discharge Code? Find Out
  • Get New Health Risk Assessment Instrument Codes
  • Correctly Report Tick Removal
  • Learn When to Bill E/M with 29530
  • Decipher Complicated Coding Scenario
  • Understand Exam Levels for Other MACs


PLUS: As an E/M Coding Alert subscriber, you’re connected to the coding industry’s hottest resources at no extra cost:

  • Meet your annual CEU requirements without travelling with the free resources you get with E/M Coding Alert. We offer quizzes to accompany issues of our SuperCoder Bolt (12 CEUs total annually), and you can attend our Webinars (6 CEUs) to keep your certification ticking.
  • SuperCoder’s Webinar Archive (6 AAPC-approved CEUs)

Get access to our SuperCoder webinars (current and archived) to clear your coding hurdles.

Subscribe now to E/M Coding Alert to get the most reliable, accurate, and timely coding and billing information available!

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