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Generate More Revenue With Our ICD-10 and Compliance News, Advice and Coding Tips

How has ICD-10 impacted your practice? Coping with so many new ICD-10 codes accurately may not be easy.  Do not fall into coding chiropractic subluxation as per the code book index, it erroneously directs erstwhile 739 codes diagnoses to M99.8 series. Rather, master the chiropractic subluxation crosswalks firsthand, as the codes depicting subluxation change from 739.1-739.5 in ICD-9-CM to M99.01-M99.05 in ICD-10-CM. What’s more, you need to look into the long descriptors to match the Neck Whiplash injury code (847.0) to three options in ICD-10 in category S13.4xx_. Similarly, Cervicalgia (723.1) translates into M54.2. Learn how to string 97140 and CMT codes together.

You also need to upgrade your documentation, as the OIG reports consistently show that chiropractic documentation leaves much to be incorporated. With the stakes getting higher every year, you can’t afford to risk compliance breaches or leaving deserved pay on the table.

Essential coding updates, compliance analysis, and revenue-boosting strategiesChiropractic Coding & Compliance Alert covers all this and more so you’re on track to your most profitable year ever!

Get ready to keep your chiropractic practice secure and profitable with our monthly newsletter (12 issues per year). We advise you how to read in between the lines, and prepare well with the right focus.

Take a look at some of the topics covered in the most recent issues of Chiropractic Coding & Compliance Alert:

  • OIG Questions $76 Million Payment to Chiropractors in 2013, CMS to Take Action
  • Get a Foothold With the Medicare Recommended Chiropractic Codeset
  • Must Know: Revisit Your Understanding of Chiropractic Subluxation Now
  • CMS and AMA Promise to Forego ICD-10 Code Based Denials
  • Heed these 12 facts that CMS wants you to know about ICD-10
  • Save thyself from the three lethal errors in documentation
  • Know the Documentation Requirements of an Initial Visit
  • Brace Yourself as Noridian Medicare Proposes to Audit 98941 Claims
  • Strategies to wade through tough payer scrutiny
  • Do Not Let the Dual Fee Schedules Plague You
  • Brush up on the “X” Character in ICD-10
  • Where to Look for LCDs for ICD-10
  • Chart out for the chiropractic subluxation crosswalks in ICD-10
  • Know your codes for low back pain in ICD-10
  • Using Windows XP May Disrupt Your HIPPA Compliance
  • How Do Chiropractors Code for Fill-In Doctors
  • Determining Which Payer Provides for Co-payment
  • When Patient Doesn’t Understand ABN
  • When Can Chiropractors Bill 99211?


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