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Coding for anesthesia procedures has always been tricky due to the complexities and constant changes in Federal regulations – and all the factors that contribute to anesthesia payment. If you don’t know the essentials, you run the risk of incurring penalties and fraud charges. Therefore, it’s critical to know how to correctly use CPT® and HCPCS modifiers, CPT® codes, and ICD-10 diagnoses to perfectly capture your anesthesiologist’s service. You also need to correctly assign your provider’s time units, crosswalk procedures from surgical to anesthesia codes, and verify medical direction, supervision, or other circumstances that can affect your billing.

Also, in order to achieve deserved reimbursement, you need to keep abreast of the latest and upcoming changes to modifiers, diagnosis and procedure codes, MPFS, MACRA, and more. Plus, you must comply with the OIG work plan to eliminate any possibility of fraud or claims denial.

And, you need to well-versed on the key challenges related to anesthesia coding: calculating time, multiple line placements, reporting canceled cases, and medical direction documentation. The prospect of keeping up with everything can be daunting, but Anesthesia Coding Alert is here to help your practice stay informed, compliant, and profitable in 2018 and beyond.

Our anesthesia coding experts can save you time and money!

Let our editor Leigh DeLozierCPC, and consulting editor Kelly DennisMBAACSANCANPCCHCACPCCPC-I, arm you with the vital anesthesia coding and reimbursement advice you need to file clean claims that will help you get the reimbursement you deserve. It’s easy; just subscribe to our monthly newsletter, Anesthesia Coding Alert

With Anesthesia Coding Alert, you will learn how to approach real-world situations:

  • Qualifying Circumstances: Don’t Let Hypothermia Coding Stop Your Claims Cold
  • Security: Do You Know What These 10 Cyber Terms Mean?
  • Quality Measures: Heads-Up on Some Potential Medicare Revamping
  • Report Mediport Placement With 36561 – Possibly
  • CMS Asks for Ideas to Improve Quality Measures
  • 'General' Vs. 'MAC' Answers Whether Post-op Block Is Billable
  • Pre-anesthesia Work Isn't the Same As Consult
  • Do Not Report Separately for Failed Epidural
  • Pain Management: Pinpoint Your Best Possibilities for TPI Diagnoses
  • Reporting Locum Tenens? Here’s What You Need to Know
  • Computer Security: Hack the Hackers' Efforts by Taking These Simple Steps
  • Code 01214 Represents Spinal Anesthesia for Hip Arthroplasty
  • Rely on 01922 for MAC During Radiotherapy
  • And many more…

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