Revenue Cycle Management for the Physician Office 2019

Revenue Cycle Management for the Physician Office 2019
ISBN: 978-1-63527-630-5
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Take back control of your reimbursement with revenue cycle management strategies, shortcuts, tips, and straight answers.

  • Do you have the latest expert advice for maximizing your revenue?
  • Do you know how to avoid ongoing claim denials and make the most of appeals?
  • Are you struggling with customer service problems that are impacting your bottom line?
  • Even if you think you have the tools you need to succeed, are you doing enough to ensure full reimbursement for your services?

Crack down on revenue shortfalls today and get the answers you need to boost revenue with TCI’s newly updated Revenue Cycle Management for the Physician Office 2019. Manage your revenue cycle efficiently and profitably with relevant, real-world advice and tools to:

  • Conquer the pitfalls of incorrect billing, appealing denials, and contract negotiations
  • Brace yourself for the latest 2019 updates for MIPS, MPFS, CCI edits, and more
  • Master expert insurance verification, audits, coding, and collections practices


  • Cut out unnecessary steps for managing audits and appeals with a primer on the Medicare Parts C and D Recovery Audit Program
  • Nail down top techniques for handling upset patients with a 12-step tool kit

Boost coding, billing, collection, and revenue cycle performance with step-by-step authoritative guidance:

  • Prepare for thousands of 2019 coding edit changes
  • Review this expert Q & A on collecting for 5 basic services
  • Find out how CMS boosts your pay with 2019 conversion factors
  • Ring in the new year with top-notch billing and collections policies
  • Don't allow insurance verification delays to cost your practice hundreds of dollars
  • Get the facts on how MPFS staggers rollout of E/M overhaul
  • Get ready for more MIPS revamps in 2019
  • Prepare for new claims requirement for county code
  • Gear up for 5 tips to help you avoid signature error denials
  • Don’t forget to monitor procedure-code deletion date
  • Get your deserved pay for modifier 80 claims
  • Appeal your denials by serving as your own lead investigator
  • Find out whether modifiers have associated prices
  • Use essential ingredients for an appeals packet that gets you paid
  • Clarify condition for clean concurrent care claims
  • Go beyond the 3-year rule to assign patient status accurately
  • Find out why too many claims are under medical review
  • Safeguard your critical care claims with internal audits
  • Know the facts on how MACs handle advance directive procedure
  • Bust 3 external cause code myths to elevate your ICD-10 coding
  • And so much more!

Don’t give up thousands in lost revenue – order Revenue Cycle Management for the Physician Office 2019 today.

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