Practice Management Handbook 2019

Practice Management Handbook-2019
ISBN: 978-1-63527-616-9
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2019 is the year to revolutionize your medical practice and set your growth trajectory high!

Don’t just survive in 2019—thrive! Get the upper hand on managing your practice today with authoritative advice you can count on from TCI experts.

Comply with HIPAA requirements, attain MIPS success, reduce claim denials, and optimize your revenue. With the newly-updated, best-selling Practice Management Handbook 2019you’ll safeguard against targeted audits, master strategies to counter pay cuts, improve cash flow, advance your team, and much more.

The Practice Management Handbook 2019 lays out easy-to-follow guidance with the tools you need to succeed in managing your office, your team, and your cash flow.

Add these features to your practice management arsenal and soar to success in 2019:

  • Learn How to Make Lemonade Out of Denials With These Top Appeals Tips
  • Master These Policy Updates for MIPS
  • Why Should You Adjust Your Policies for Flu Season?
  • Learn When to Use Check Ups to Check In With Patients
  • Get the Skinny on Incident-To Billing Rules
  • CPT® Update: Use Consultation Coding to Brush Up on Basics
  • Find Out How This New Assessment Tool Will Help Evaluate Your Risk
  • Why Should You Establish Policies and Protocols for Food Allergies?
  • When Should You Consider Sales Training to Boost Revenue?
  • When is an Overpayment Too Good to Be True?
  • Find Out How Some States' Rules on Patient Privacy Exceed HIPAA
  • Get the Facts on When A Drug Addiction Qualifies as a Disability
  • When Should You Prioritize Malpractice Coverage if Moving Between States?
  • Navigate Medical Marijuana With Your Eyes Wide Open
  • Look to Telemedicine for Opioid Abuse Treatment
  • Get the Lowdown on When Intent Matters in Data Breach Penalties
  • Formulating a Risk Plan? Consider These Questions First
  • Get the Secrets for Updating Your Social Media Practices and Fight Algorithm Changes
  • When Should You Look to Prevention for Cold and Flu?
  • Expert Tips Stop You from Procrastinating on Appeals
  • Get to Know Why Free Samples Don't Violate HIPAA
  • And many more!

Don’t succumb to today’s healthcare challenges. Thrive with timely, all-inclusive guidance and break through the barriers to profitability and lasting efficiency.

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