Modifier Coding Handbook 2019

Modifier Coding Handbook 2019
ISBN: 978-1-63527-619-0
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Clear up modifier confusion now and stop denials and partial payments in their tracks.

  • Don’t know how to ensure modifier 80 gets you paid what you deserve?
  • Think you know the ins and outs of modifier 24?
  • Are you an expert on choosing whether to append modifier 25 or 57?

Know the facts on using these and other complex and confusing modifiers so you can boost revenue with the Modifier Coding Handbook 2019. Our expert coding team will help you nail down step-by-step guidelines so you can pull the plug on modifier errors:

  • We’ll walk you through real-world coding case studies, exercises, and answers to tough modifier questions so you can master modifier usage and hold onto your revenue.
  • We’ll teach you the modifier rules of the game so you can crack down on modifier problems and keep modifier hot tips at your fingertips.

The Modifier Coding Handbook 2019 positions you perfectly to reel in your revenue by solving your common modifier dilemmas:

  • Brush up on 3 facts and 1 myth about modifier 24
  • Get the lowdown on modifiers 25 and 57 and how to tell the difference
  • Do you know the modifier connection between E/M services and X-rays? What about modifiers for E/M services and surgeries?
  • Modifiers and flu coding: What you don’t know can hurt you
  • Don’t let ABN modifiers fool you – get the skinny on what to do – and when
  • Power up for assigning modifiers on Medicaid claims
  • Guard against modifier denials for lab tests, surgical combos, special procedures, and more
  • Learn the latest CMS reveal on telehealth modifier updates
  • Avoid tragic revenue loss by knowing separate vs. repeat test modifiers
  • Planning to report modifier QZ? Don’t do it before reading these 3 scenarios
  • Don’t risk denials - get the payments you deserve for modifier 80 claims
  • Find out the key modifier you need for disaster claims
  • Why should you learn more about when to use finger/toe modifiers?
  • Get your modifier reductions straight and combat denials and lost revenue
  • Do you know when modifier 58 is your best bet?
  • Mind your modifier 52 usage before you get burned
  • Do you know what constitutes “substantial” work for modifier 22?
  • Clear up complexities with modifiers 50, LT, RT, PT
  • Can you pass the modifier IQ test for these 5 case studies?
  • And many more!

Get the answers to these modifier conundrums and more with the Modifier Coding Handbook 2019 today!

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