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Hospice Payment Handbook 2018

ISBN: 978-1-63527-397-7
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Leverage expert advice to maximize hospice revenue and stay compliant.

Do you struggle to keep up with the confusing and ever-changing regulations governing your hospice organization? Could you use help meeting the challenges of the 2018 hospice rule?

Put your worries to rest. Now you can master the hospice wage index, payment updates, and quality reporting requirements to ensure you get the revenue you deserve—all while keeping compliant—with TCI’s Hospice Payment Handbook 2018.

Keep informed of the hospice cap, Medicare card changes, electronic NOE submissions, the Hospice Compare measure updates, the HEART assessment tool – and more.

Conquer compliance and quality reporting issues such as: number of diagnoses, length of stay, and live discharge stats. Avert the pitfalls of reporting diagnoses, drugs, and spending unrelated to terminal illness.

The all-new Hospice Payment Handbook 2018 contains top strategies and expert guidance on billing and reimbursement, fraud and abuse, improving documentation, and more. Plus, you’ll find countless tools and resources to ease your workload and alleviate your confusion and stress.

Arm yourself with an arsenal of tips, strategies, and insider insights:

  • Update to Hospice Payment Rates, Hospice Cap, Hospice Wage Index and Hospice Prices for FY 2018
  • Protect Your Reimbursement from Cap-Based Reopenings With These 5 Pointers
  • Ace Sequential Billing Requirements for Billing Success
  • Emergency Preparedness Interpretive Guidelines Helped Providers Be Compliant
  • Your Understanding of ‘Identification’ is Critical for 60-Day Rule Compliance
  • Use These Tools to Focus on Quality
  • Surprise: Targeted Probe & Educate Applies to You, Too
  • Master TPE Basics with Info From CMS, MACs
  • Combat These Common Denial Reasons With 3 Expert Pointers
  • Follow These Dos and Don’ts for Hospice Reform Payment Corrections
  • Use This Info to Make Your Judgement Call on Whether to Reprocess Hospice Claims
  • Take These Precautions When Reporting Your Cap
  • Speed Your Appeals with New Low-Volume Alternative
  • Keep Up with Your Peers by Downloading Your PEPPER
  • Big Changes for PACE Programs
  • Consider Whether You Should Seek RHC, SIA Payment Adjustments
  • Submit Your Hospice Billing Corrections—or Maybe Not
  • Drug Spending Catches OIG's Attention
  • Your Accreditation Survey Details Will Stay Private—for Now
  • Hospice Compare Launch Shows Lagging Scores for Pain Assessment
  • Know The 7 Hospice Compare Measures from Treatment Preferences to Bowel Regimens
  • And much more!

Capitalize on the most reliable, accurate, and timely coding and billing advice in the Hospice Payment Handbook 2018!

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