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Handbook on Medical Billing Terminology 2018

Handbook on Medical Billing Terminology
ISBN: 978-1-63527-406-6
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Rev up your productivity with TCI’s comprehensive billing dictionary—newly updated for 2018!

How many times have you labored over a bill because you couldn’t pin down a line of jargon? Wouldn’t life be easier if you had an all-inclusive billing sourcebook at your side?

We have just the tool you’re looking for. The Handbook on Medical Billing Terminology 2018 is a one-of-a-kind billing resource that gives you swift-access to the supporting information you need to turbocharge your medical billing productivity:

  • 2018 CPT® modifier lookup with lay descriptions, definition, explanation, and tips to know when and how to apply them
  • 2018 HCPCS modifier lookup with lay descriptions, definition, explanation, and tips in plain English so you’re clear on how and when to use them
  • 2018 Place of service (POS) and type of service (TOS) lists
  • Nail down CMS-1500 claim forms with guided instructions
  • Conquer UB-04 claim forms with demonstrated instructions
  • Glossary of 600+ billing and reimbursement terms with definitions written in an easy-to-follow language
  • Medicare and Medicaid terms to familiarize yourself with billing processes
  • At-a-glance definitions for relevant prefixes, suffixes, abbreviations, and eponyms 
  • 42 full-page anatomical illustrations to enhance your understanding of services and procedures


Get all your most used and trusted resources in this one comprehensive sourcebook—and say goodbye to the incessant search for answers! 

ORDER ONLINE or call 1-800-508-2582 to get your copy of the Handbook on Medical Billing Terminology 2018 today.
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