Financial Intelligence for Physician Practices 2018

Financial Intelligence for Physician Practices 2018
ISBN: 978-1-63527-408-0
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Capitalize on Smart Strategies to Build a Successful Business

The business of a medicine is shifting dramatically because the economics of paying for healthcare are shifting dramatically.

Are you thriving in the era of value-based reimbursement and high out-of-pocket payments—or are you barely surviving? Practices that master MIPS and focus on patient outcomes rather than how many tests they administer or procedures they perform will be the financial winners in 2018 and beyond. Success depends on financial intelligence for everyone in your practice.

Financial Intelligence for Physician Practices 2018 provides the tools you need to navigate today’s healthcare arena. We lay out The Big Picture and equip you with financial planning processes and show you how to collect the profits you deserve.

Rely on this essential resource to grow your bottom line:

  • Command The Big Picture with vital financial planning tools, such as SMART goals and SWOT
  • Stop doing “business as usual” and get of your comfort zone
  • Don’t forget about this component of financial intelligence
  • Patient points of view: the difference EQ makes
  • Boosting patient flow through value stream mapping
  • Look to these 8 areas to spot & stop waste
  • Count and cut your costs with Kaizen, LEAN Six Sigma, 5S, Traction-inspired KPI system for staff, equipment leases and financing.
  • Assess your risks and look for financial opportunities.
  • Self-Auditing: How to get ahead of the game
  • How financially intelligent practices write physician contracts
  • 5 Steps that get the renegotiation ball rolling to improve practice revenue
  • How to outsmart the new prior-auth ploys and master MIPS.
  • Master Clinical Practice Improvement Activities in MIPS
  • Combat today’s revenue realities with hidden and profitable options.
  • Leverage this tried-and-true game plan to collect more patient payments
  • Automating your revenue cycle
  • Use your EHR to inform your marketing strategy
  • The power of patient reactivation
  • Online reputation management
  • Customize intelligent marketing strategies and how to Invest in marketing without wasting your money
  • Use the Quick Start Guide to Benchmarking for financial analysis and fierce analytics.
  • And more!


To profit in today’s healthcare arena, you need a plan. Financial Intelligence for Physician Practices 2018 gives you power to shape your destiny. Cultivate it, and reap the rewards.

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