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Evaluation & Management Coding Handbook 2019

Evaluation & Management Coding Handbook 2019
ISBN: 978-1-63527-618-3
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Still Confused About How to Code E/M Services?

Clear up your E/M confusion now and avoid reduced payments and claim denials to capture optimal reimbursement.

Conquer the intricacies of E/M coding and navigate complex E/M rules and regulations with TCI’s best-selling Evaluation & Management Coding Handbook 2019. Get easy-to-follow guidance and answers to complex E/M coding issues from our leading E/M coding experts.

We’ll show you how to prevent top E/M coding errors and how to capture and assess the critical components of history, exam, and medical decision-making. Learn from real-world coding scenarios and our team of E/M coding experts to master your E/M coding skills.

PLUS – You’ll get the latest E/M coding and billing updates to stay compliant, earn optimal revenue, and more.

Defend your practice against claim denials and audit scrutiny with the Evaluation & Management Coding Handbook 2019—and conquer E/M coding problems:

  • Get the lowdown on E/M revisions for 2019
  • Got preventive medicine questions? We’ve got your answers.
  • Learn the secrets to correct critical care coding
  • Don’t land in hot water when reporting E/M with normal test results
  • Distance yourself from this telehealth modifier
  • When should you factor more than risk in pre-op E/M level determination?
  • Get the lowdown on CMS criteria and solve critical care conundrums
  • Top tips for correctly adding HPI elements are revealed
  • Get the lowdown on coding surgery and E/M together
  • Conquer the points system and take the guesswork out of complexity determination
  • Do you know when and how medical necessity differs from MDM?
  • Keep your eye on the clock in this multiple physician scenario
  • Do you know the key guidelines for on-target time-based coding?
  • Conquer how to safeguard your critical care claims with internal audits
  • Know how to make a positive out of a negative ROS?
  • Do you know how to code E/M combos correctly?
  • When should you let documentation, not diagnosis, determine the E/M level?
  • Can NPPs bill multiple same-day E/Ms? This MAC says “Yes.”
  • Get the skinny on these codes for behavioral health and collaborative care
  • Can you mend this Medicaid modifier muddle?
  • Do you know when to code for a screening colonoscopy and an E/M?
  • And many more!

 Tackle your most complex E/M coding troubles now with the Evaluation & Management Coding Handbook 2019.

ORDER ONLINE or call 1-800-508-2582 today to get your copy of the Evaluation & Management Coding Handbook 2019.

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