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Neurosurgery Coding Alert provides monthly guidance on neurosurgery updates, reimbursement opportunities, and denial management!

Spinal fusion, degenerative nervous system disorders, laminectomy, laminotomy, facetectomy, foraminotomy, discectomy, spondylolisthesis, secondary spondylolisthesis … It’s easy to get turned around when reporting procedures that decompress the spinal cord. And then there’s the electronic analysis of implanted neurostimulator codes, the proficient use of which will require you to digest several pages of CPT® guidelines.

Let’s face it—when it comes to neurosurgery coding, the challenges are seemingly endless. In addition to nailing down ICD-10, CPT®, and HCPCS code and guideline changes, you need to keep pace with regulatory updates, CCI edits, revisions to modifiers, payer policies, the fee schedule, OIG target areas, and more.

Don’t risk your hard-earned pay.

Improve your reporting accuracy and boost your coding know-how with a subscription to TCI’s monthly Neurosurgery Coding Alert. Every issue helps you stay informed, compliant, and profitable, tackling the challenges you face and delivering money-in-the-bank answers to questions like:

  • The neurosurgeon performed a laminectomy to remove an extradural growth in the patient’s lumbar spine. The intraspinal lesion was not a neoplasm. Which code should I report for this procedure?
  • My physician documented a type II occipital condyle fracture, right side, caused by a direct blow to the skull. This was an initial encounter for a closed fracture. Which ICD-10 code should I report for this condition?
  • How do I differentiate between vertebroplasty and kyphoplasty for vertebral fracture repair claims?
  • How do I know the appropriate codes for ankylosing spondylitis?

Eliminate avoidable audit risks, denials, and payback demands.

Neurosurgery coding experts, Meagan Williford, BA, MA, CPC-A, and Gregory Przybylski, MD, provide important information to help you overcome pitfalls that compromise your claims and compliance success.

Discover solutions to issues—and come out ahead in 2020—with articles like:

  • Focus on New 2020 EEG and VEEG CCI Edits
  • CERT 2019 Report Discovers Incorrect Coding as Top Error for Neurosurgery Practices
  • Discover Correct Option for Laminectomy of Extradural Growth on Lumbar Spine
  • Expert Advice Demystifies Disc Compressions
  • Sharpen Medicare Signature Requirements Skills With This Quick Primer

Neurosurgery Coding Alert
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