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You have ED coding questions, and we deliver money-in-the-bank answers to help you defeat your claim issues and secure optimal reimbursement.

MACs have been watching your critical care claims, but the stakes just got a whole lot higher. It’s time to up your game and ensure you’re audit ready because you’re now in the OIG’s crosshairs, as outlined in its latest Work Plan — “Physicians Billing for Critical Care Evaluation and Management Services.”

On top of that, emergency physicians — having ranked eighth on CMS’ list of specialties with the highest Part B improper payment rates, logging 12.7 percent to the tune of $315.3 million — remain the subject of scrutiny.

Of course, you also have the usual hurdles requiring you to nail down CPT®, ICD-10, and HCPCS code changes, command documentation requirements, and keep pace with quarterly CCI edits, regulatory updates, and revisions to modifiers, payer policies, the fee schedule, and more.

So why go it alone when you can tap into vital monthly guidance to boost your reporting accuracy and protect your hard-earned pay?

Stay in the know and avoid federal reproach with your risk-free subscription to TCI’s ED Coding and Reimbursement Alert.  

Each monthly issue lays out a wealth of timely information, breaking down the challenges you face and answering questions like:

  • How do I code a “through and through” laceration repair?
  • What, besides age, is the difference between venipuncture codes 36400-36410, 36420-36425, and 36415?
  • Should I include both diagnosis codes for a patient who underwent a 3-view ankle X-ray for a left, displaced lateral malleolus fracture and a 2-view X-ray for left, upper end fibular fracture?
  • Do I report acute respiratory failure (ARF) for a patient who we admitted to the hospital for a COPD exacerbation and then went into ARF?
  • What is the correct way to code for type 2 diabetes and a urinary tract infection (UTI)? Should I use E11.69 or E11.29?

Our to-the-point guidance makes it convenient for your team to stay informed, compliant, and profitable, as every issue of this indispensable newsletter delivers coding and billing strategies and high-impact tips to defeat the revenue-risking issues that threaten your claims and compliance success.

Safeguard your ED from reckless audit risks, avoidable denials, and costly payback demands with articles such as:

  • Compare Your Claims Against This MAC's Top Denial Reasons
  • Heed these ED-specific ICD-10 FAQs
  • 5 Tips Help You Meet Medicare’s Signature Requirements
  • Seeing Patients Following A Disaster? You May Need Modifier CR
  • Can You Code This Abdominal Pain Scenario?
  • How Important Are Finger/Toe Modifiers?
  • Check These Proposed Changes to Quality Measures
  • Can You Answer These Bleeding Control FAQs?
  • E/M Coding Clinic: Correctly reporting 99283 vs. 99284 means understanding the history and physical
  • Combo Dx Deserves Two Codes
  • Age Can Drive Venipuncture Codes
  • Differentiate Arthrocentesis, Aspiration
  • Know Which Fracture Dx to Apply
  • Vermillion Repair? Look to 40650
  • Get the Rhythm of 93040
  • Does This Constitute An Invalid Code?
  • Pinpoint Fracture Diagnoses With These Quick Tips
  • Your Appeals May Rely on These 4 Essentials

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