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Protect your bottom line with expert monthly guidance to defeat your E/M reporting challenges.

An overhaul of evaluation and management (E/M) office/outpatient coding is around the corner. In addition to prepping for 2021 E/M guideline changes, you need to stay on top of 2020 updates for E/M coding—including online digital E/M services, remote physiologic monitoring, and more.

CERT contractors are seeing an increase in E/M claims issues. If E/M services are the basis of your revenue stream, you can’t afford improper coding, setting-related errors, or insufficient notes.

Sort out the confusion once and for all—and secure your E/M pay!

Stay informed, get answers to your E/M coding and documentation questions, and find the help you need to bank your deserved pay with your risk-free subscription to E/M Coding Alert.

Every issue of E/M Coding Alert is full of pertinent information with answers to questions like:

  • During the physical examination of an outpatient, the provider documented that she interrogated the vagal nerve stimulator and did not get a low battery indication. Can I report a 95970 in addition to the E/M visit?
  • After performing an allergy test, the physician meets with the patient to go over the results. Can we submit an E/M code in addition to the allergy testing?
  • What is the significance of a plus symbol in front of some E/M service codes?
  • A patient was seen for an office visit (99214) and went to the hospital emergency room a few hours later where he was seen again by the same physician (99284). Are both visits payable by Medicare?
  • Can we use chronic medical conditions in place of elements to qualify for the history of present (HPI) illness tally when counting E/M history?


Stay on top of E/M guidelines and CPT® and HCPCS code changes, as well as the latest revisions to CCI bundles, CMS regulations, payer policies, CERT-identified errors, and more—to ensure your practice stays efficient and profitable.

Our coding experts, led by editors Suzanne Burmeister, BA, MPhil, CPC, COBGC and Bruce Pegg, MA, CPC-A, will arm you with the latest E/M coding and reimbursement guidance, compliance  tips, and indispensable strategies to safeguard your practice from claim denials.

Prepare for issues that threaten your claims and compliance success with articles like:

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  • Are You Making These 5 Big Changes to Your Care Management Coding?
  • Know What the PFS Has in Store for You in 2020
  • Know How to Code for Prolonged Service Without Direct Patient Contact
  • Check These 4 Examples of Appropriate Time-Based Coding Notes


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