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How many times does your productivity stall because you need a quick and reliable answer to a high-stakes question?

Your cardiology practice isn’t alone if you’re concerned about overcoming reimbursement hurdles in the coming year. Apart from nailing down CPT®, ICD-10, and HCPCS code changes, you’ll also need a firm grasp on documentation requirements, quarterly CCI edits, regulatory updates, and revisions to modifiers, payer policies, the fee schedule, OIG watch list, and more.

Why waste valuable time and risk your hard-earned pay going it alone? Tap into vital, to-the-point monthly guidance to boost your reporting accuracy and your coding know-how. We make it convenient for your team to stay informed, compliant, and profitable with a risk-free subscription to The Coding Institute’s Cardiology Coding Alert.

Every issue of Cardiology Coding Alert lays out a wealth of information, breaking down the challenges you face and delivering money-in-the-bank answers to questions like:

  • How do I report TEE services during transcatheter intracardiac therapies?
  • What do I do when my cardiologist handles complex patient conditions, counseling, research, and record reviews that extend care beyond the typical minutes outlined in evaluation and management (E/M) codes 99201-99215?
  • Which ICD-10 code should I report for a patient with hypertension involving both the heart and kidneys?
  • What is the difference between nonselective and selective catheter placement?
  • Is it true that I should never append modifier 59 to an E/M service, and if so, why?

afeguard your practice from avoidable denials, reckless audit risks, and costly payback demands.

Our coding experts, led by editors Meagan Williford, BA, MA, CPC-A and Christina Neighbors, MA, CPC, CCC, will arm you with game-changing cardiology coding and reimbursement guidance, high-impact tips, and indispensable strategies to defeat the revenue-risking issues that threaten your claims and compliance success.

Stay on top of critical updates and benefit from solutions to expensive pitfalls with articles such as:

  • Gear Up for Cardiac Rhythm Monitor Additions, Interrogation & Programming Device Revisions
  • Dive into These Hypertension Changes in 2019 ICD-10 Guidelines
  • Navigate the Difference Between Nonselective and Selective Caths With Ease
  • CCI 24.2 Update: Check Out These Shiny New Central Venous Access Device/Catheter Edits
  • Turn to These ICD-10 Codes for Systolic Congestive Heart Failure
  • Look to Dx I21.A9 for MI Type 3
  • Tackle Challenging Doppler Echo Conundrum
  • Echocardiography: Cut Down on Denials for Your Non-Congenital and Congenital TEE Claims
  • ICD-10: Bust These 4 Common Myths Before Reporting Heart Failure Dx Codes
  • Clear Up EOB Patient Confusion With This Handy Advice
  • Check Out This Advice for Rheumatic Versus Non-Rheumatic Dx Codes
  • Protect Your Reimbursement By Avoiding These 3 Cardiac Cath Mistakes
  • Discover How CERT Program Works to Protect Your Reimbursement

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