2019 Procedural Coding Advisor

2018 Procedural Coding Advisor

2019 Procedural Coding Advisor
ISBN: 978-1-63527-599-5
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Master 2019 CPT® code changes with the perfect companion to your CPT® coding manual – 2019 Procedural Coding Advisor.

Get to know all of the crucial yearly code changes and gear up for Medicare coding, billing, and reimbursement know-how with this essential reference, color-coded for quick code look-up.

Keep all of the CPT® coding and reimbursement tools at your fingertips with these claims denial-busting features:

  • Customized Alphabetic Index for 2019 with thousands of entries to easily locate codes and eliminate needless “See” cross-references
  • Complete Code Chapters for over 11,000 CPT® codes, including Category I, II, and III codes, Multianalyte Assays, and Proprietary Laboratory Analyses codes
  • New/Revised/Deleted Codes Advice for 2019 including tips for assigning new and revised codes and crosswalks for deleted codes
  • CPT® and HCPCS modifiers with definitions and coding tips and hints
  • NEW : Code Chapters include G codes with their equivalent CPT® codes to quickly find G codes to bill to Medicare and other payers just by looking up CPT® codes
  • NEW : MACRA: MIPS and APMs training chapter to master the basics of the Quality Payment Program and MIPS and APMs reporting requirements
  • NEW : Bonus – 30% more colored anatomical illustrations including throughout Code Chapters
  • NEW : 60 stick-on tabs bound in the book save valuable time and increase coding efficiency
  • NEW : Comprehensive lists of ASC payment indicators and APC status indicators
  • CUSTOMER PICK! Fold-out front and back covers with quick references to CPT® and HCPCS modifiers and descriptors, plus Category II, Anesthesia, and Ambulatory modifiers
  • CUSTOMER PICK! NOTES pages between Code Chapters to record important coding references
  • CUSTOMER PICK! Dictionary-style headers and bleed tabs for easy navigation
  • Colored symbols and highlights throughout Code Chapters include coding, billing, and reimbursement guidance:
    • New, revised, add-on, and resequenced codes
    • FDA approval pending, modifier 51 or 63 exempt codes
    • Female-only or male-only procedures
    • Maternity codes
    • MIPS codes
    • Telemedicine codes
    • Facility/non-facility total RVUs for codes
    • Global days for surgeries, such as 10, 90, or 0
    • Medically unlikely edits indicators
    • Modifier crosswalks showing modifiers that Medicare will consider for specific codes
    • Conscious sedation included in a procedure
    • ASC payment indicator and ASC separate payment
    • APC status indicator and APC value
    • National Limit - maximum reimbursement amount, Mid Point - median fee schedule amount, Floor - percentage of fee schedule, Payment Limit – maximum reimbursement amount
    • CPT® Assistant Article references
    • HCPCS code dosage – dosage amount for drug
  • Appendices to conquer coding complexities:
    • New, revised, and deleted codes for 2019
    • Crosswalks for deleted codes for 2019
    • Inpatient-only procedure codes
    • Category II modifiers
    • HCPCS Level II modifiers
    • Resequenced codes
    • Vascular families for interventional radiology coding
    • Modifier 51 exempt, modifier 63 exempt, and add-on codes
    • Brand-name and generic vaccinations associated with CPT® codes
    • Fact sheets for the Medicare Physician Fee Schedule Payment System and the Quality Payment Program
    • Place of Service and Type of Service lists
    • Drug class list
    • Payment status indicators

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CPT® is a registered trademark of the American Medical Association

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2018 Procedural Coding Advisor
ISBN: 978-1-63527-168-3
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Don’t be disrupted by CPT® updates for 2018!

Get up-to-date with the complete list of new, revised, and deleted codes in the 2018 Procedural Coding Advisor.

Master CPT® changes, improve your coding efficiency, and boost your reimbursement in 2018 with this comprehensive procedure guide from TCI, your trusted provider of practical, easy-to-follow coding guidance and critical advice.

Stay ahead of the pack with the CPT® code set for 2018 and the essential tools to wield it flawlessly: 

  • Official 2018 CPT® Codes and their descriptions with Alphabetic Index and Tabular List to navigate quickly
  • Customized Alphabetic Index saves time so you can stop chasing numerous cross-references
  • Full listing of new, revised, and deleted codes with 2018 coding advice and deleted codes crosswalk
  • CPT® 2018 changes advice
  • CPT® and HCPCS modifiers, definitions, and bonus tips
  • HCPCS G Codes to CPT® crosswalk
  • Inpatient-only procedure codes
  • Category II modifiers
  • Anesthesia and ambulatory modifiers
  • Resequenced codes
  • Vascular families for interventional radiology coding
  • Modifier 51 and 63 exempt codes and add-on codes
  • Brand-name vaccinations associated with CPT® codes
  • Medicare Physician Fee Schedule Payment System and The Quality Payment Program Overview Fact Sheets
  • Place of service (POS) and type of service (TOS) lists
  • Drug class list
  • Payment status indicators
  • Full-colored anatomical and procedural illustrations throughout

PLUS—bonus features that go beyond the basics to improve your accuracy and efficiency: 

  • Colored and highlighted symbols designate codes as:
    • New/revised, add-on, resequenced codes
    • FDA approval pending, modifier 51 or 63 exempt, female/male only procedures, maternity services/procedures, MIPs code, telemedicine code
    • Facility/non-facility total RVUs
    • Global days
    • Medically unlikely edits
    • Modifier crosswalk
    • ASC payment indicator/ASC separate payment
    • APC status indicator/APC value
    • CPT® Assistant article references
    • Category II and Category III codes
    • Multianalyte assays
    • And more!
  • Dictionary-style headers and colored bleed tabs, listing the first and last code on each page

Get your 2018 Procedural Coding Advisor, complete with updated codes and coding guidance to maximize reimbursement and prevent denials.

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CPT® is a registered trademark of the American Medical Association
E-subscriptions for alerts and e-books are not printable.

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