AMA CPT® Standard Edition 2018

AMA CPT® Standard Edition 2018
ISBN: 978-1-62202-598-5
  • AMA CPT® Standard Edition 2018
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Official AMA-authored Sourcebook with Complete CPT® Code Details to Ensure Correctly Reporting and Billing Your Procedures and Services

Trust the AMA CPT® Standard Edition 2018 to remain compliant with annual CPT® code set changes. Reference official CPT® coding guidelines, procedural coding rules, along with hundreds of code, guideline and text changes to master accurate claims submissions and steer clear of denials.

Power up your CPT® coding with:

  • Updated! New CPT® modifiers – Nail down your ability to assign the correct code with new modifiers.
  • Updated! Get hands-on proprietary laboratory analyses (PLA) codes.
  • Detailed & updated index: Locate codes specific to a service, procedure, anatomic site, abbreviation, synonym, or eponym in a snap.
  • Summary of 2018 new, revised and deleted CPT® codes: Conquer 2018 new, revised and deleted code changes without having to refer to previous editions.
  • Anatomical & procedural illustrations: Upgrade your coding accuracy and easily comprehend relevant anatomy and procedures with clear illustrations.
  • Great value with multiple appendixes: Get additional details and resources that cover essential topics such as modifiers, add-on codes, clinical examples, multianalyte assays, telemedicine services, vascular families, and much more!


Don’t miss the new and enhanced essential 2018 edition of the AMA CPT® code book!

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*CPT® is a registered trademark of the American Medical Association

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