2020 Procedural Reference Guide for Coders

2020 Procedural Reference Guide for Coders
ISBN: 978-1-63527-660-2
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Clear up coding confusion when trying to decipher difficult CPT® code descriptors.

Master coding correctly today with the 2020 Procedural Reference Guide for Coders book  ̶  the best-selling resource for simple descriptions of 11,000+ CPT® codes   ̶  written in plain English that you can easily follow and understand to choose the right code every time.

Review step-by-step explanations for services, procedures, surgeries, and more to better understand how to assign codes. It’s as though you are working alongside the provider when she performs each procedure!

Learn the meaning behind complex or ambiguous code descriptors, how to tell the difference between similar codes in the same code family, and nail down thousands of definitions for complex words or terms used in code descriptors.

PLUS: The 2020 Procedural Reference Guide for Coders gives you expert BONUS features and CUSTOMER PICKS and procedural reference guidelines that no other book in the industry contains:

  • Comprehensive yet easy-to-follow descriptions for all CPT® Category I and Category III codes  ̶   that’s over 11,000 codes!
  • Simple descriptions also include 2020 new and revised codes  ̶  You’ll conquer numerous yearly code changes effortlessly.
  • CPT® to G code crosswalk  ̶  Quickly locate each CPT® code’s equivalent HCPCS G code for billing Medicare and specific payers.
  • Colorful anatomical illustrations guide you to choose the correct code
  • CUSTOMER PICK! 50+ adhesive tabs to label sections and find codes quickly
  • CUSTOMER PICK! Modifier Lay Terms and Explanations – Avoid struggling with how to assign modifiers using this complete modifier list with official descriptors, explanation of each modifier and when to assign it, and expert tips and tricks
  • BONUS! Introduction to Surgical Coding and Surgical Terms – Get the lowdown on explanations of surgical procedures, specific integral components of procedures, what the global surgical package means, and when you should assign codes for unlisted procedures.
  • BONUS! Procedure Eponyms – Get the scoop on procedures named after a person and how providers perform them.
  • BONUS! Basic Types of Anesthesia – Learn the ins and outs of local, general, MAC, and patient-controlled anesthesia with bonus descriptions of 15+ nerve blocks and more.
  • BONUS! Vital Signs and Normal Lab Values – Find out signs and values that are normal and abnormal when reviewing medical records.
  • BONUS! Billing, Coding, and Reimbursement Terms and Abbreviations – Master countless terms and acronyms to better understand payers’ guidelines.
  • BONUS! Evaluation and Management Survival Guide – Keep this handy resource at your fingertips for coding all levels of E/M services — learn the key components and contributing factors, how to determine place of service, coding with quick reference charts, and much more.
  • CUSTOMER PICK! Medical Terms Glossary  ̶  5,000+ medical terms and their definitions help you code correctly

CPT® is a registered trademark of the American Medical Association

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