Maximize Reimbursement for Electromyography

To maximize reimbursement for EMG, a site-specific diagnostic test, your practice must note how many muscles are being studied and where on the body the tests are being performed. You’ll also need some coding savvy to bill accurately, as you’ll have a quartet of EMG codes to choose from. Furthermore, you need to be on the lookout for add-on coding opportunities in certain clinical scenarios. Need help untangling these complexities?

Our free white paper provides examples of EMG coding in clinical scenarios and can help in maximizing EMG reimbursements.

The whitepaper provides key information on:
  • CPT Codes for EMG Testing
  • NCS Necessitates EMG Add-On Code
  • Why the Patient’s Consciousness Matters During EEGs
  • Choosing the Correct EEG Code For “Awake,” “Drowsy,” “Asleep,” And “Coma”
  • When Would You Use Extended EEG Codes?
  • What is EDX And What Codes to Use For EDX Tests?
  • And More!

Download your FREE copy for help in maximizing electromyography reimbursements.