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The mounting scrutiny over HIPAA privacy and security enforcement — combined with the now astronomical fines you can incur — means that you can’t let your guard down at all, where protected health information is concerned.

A straightforward and practical approach for understanding the HIPAA Rule and its exceptions has become paramount now. If your organization is not ready, the HIPAA rules have new, significantly higher fines, including mandatory minimum fines of $10,000 for willful neglect of compliance.

TCI’s comprehensive and all-inclusive resources will help you stay on top of top of HIPAA audits/penalties and at the same time make sure your organization stays compliant and audit proof!

Practical advice for safeguarding your practice from protected health information penalties

Insights on HIPAA policies, procedures, practices and HIPAA Notices of Privacy Practice

Nationally-known experts delve into the biggest HIPPA issues you are facing!