2017's Biggest Urology Coding Issues & Revenue Opportunities : Webinar

Speaker: Michael A. Ferragamo - Jr., MD, FACS

2017 brought new reimbursement opportunities and potential hazards for urology practices. You need to steer clear of reporting the new epidural and moderate sedation codes with virtually any urology procedure. Wondering why?
G codes for therapy related to stress urinary incontinence don’t add to your reimbursement. However, omitting them from your physiotherapy claims – or using them incorrectly – will lead to denials!
Looking for practical insight on 2017 updates, and analysis in urology coding and billing?

Join this complimentary webinar to put yourself on the path to successful coding and reimbursement for your urology services. Listen to our preeminent urology coding expert Michael A. Ferragamo - Jr., MD, FACS as he sheds light on coding and billing issues critical to your bottom line.

You’ll get tips, specific guidelines, and solutions necessary to overcome all challenges and accurately report urology procedures and services.

Session highlights

  • Physiotherapy for stress urinary incontinence: Avoid denials by paying attention to G codes and C modifiers
  • Skip epidural, sedation codes with urology: Don’t ‘double dip’ procedure charges, per the latest CCI edits
  • Nail the nuances of nephrectomy cases: “Kidney removal” isn’t always as cut-and-dry as it might seem
  • Topics we cover in Urology Coding Alert: We cover what you need to know about urology coding
  • Know what differentiates renal pelvis catheter procedures
  • Code correctly for undescended testis exploration, orchiopexy
  • And so much more!

Who should attend?

Coders & billers
Compliance officers
Office staff
Practice managers
Office managers

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About the speaker

Michael A. Ferragamo
Jr., MD, FACS,
works as assistant clinical professor of urology, State University of New York, Stony Brook School of Medicine. He is a consulting editor for Urology Coding Alert and coding consultant for a number of private practices, medical institutions, clinics, and hospitals including The Lahey Clinic, The Mayo Clinic, Urology Department, Jacksonville, just to name a few. Previously, he was the chief of urology of Hempstead Medical Center and of Franklin Medical Center of Long Island, New York.