Master the Interview and Land the Job!

Do job interviews intimidate you? Do you have basic knowledge about interviews but need to know more? We’ve got the remedy. Get the inside scoop on nailing your next interview by avoiding interview mistakes most people don’t think they make – and learn answers to common interview questions that many candidates trip over.

Join author of Master the Interview and Land the Job!, Patricia Zubritzky, BS, CRCE-I and national coding textbook author, Beth Martin, BS, COC, for this 1-hour webinar to get the most critical interview advice that anyone looking for a job must know.

Plus -- You’ll walk away with five secrets for phone interview success and bonus tips to gear up for in-person and video conferencing interviews. You’ll also have a great jump-start for following up after your interview.

In this jam-packed session of interview techniques, Patricia and Beth will help you to:

  • Learn the ABCs of what it means to prepare for an interview
  • Discover signs the employer looks for that show you’re negative
  • Get the inside scoop on subtle information you convey that shows you’re desperate for a job
  • Clear up common misconceptions about providing too much or too little information
  • Check out 5 questions you must ask during any interview
  • Master 3 techniques for nonverbal communication
  • Learn the secrets of selling yourself during an interview and sales pitch techniques
  • Nail down 4 consequences of interview fibs and the difference between a lie and exaggeration
  • Get to know common behavioral questions and master the answers
  • Discover the 4-point method to answer “Tell me about yourself” without monopolizing the interview
  • Confidently answer questions about conflicts with coworkers and your boss
  • Avoid red flags when discussing weaknesses and turn them into strengths
  • And many more!