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Procedural Codeset with RVUs

File Types Provided
  1. Pipe ( | ) delimited .TXT file
  2. .TXT file
  3. .XLS file
Available Formats
  • CD: Order ships within 10 business days from order confirmation date
  • URL: Acquire the dataset straightaway by downloading the data from a secure web page (internet connection required)
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Download 2015 CPT® codes plus units for streamlined updating — each quarter

Experience the ease of having up-to-date code definitions and relative value units (RVU) values for each CPT® used at your practice or office. The Procedural Data with RVUs Subscription Files help you analyze and utilize the RVU weightage associated with CPT® codes. For quick reference, the files include the AMA's official code definitions. The Subscription Files let you stay current on the RVUs at all times through regular updates as provided by the CMS.

One copy of CPT® 2015 Professional Edition ships free with both versions.

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RVU CrossWalk Datafiles – The BASIS for all practice analysis
As your practice/office gives services to its valued patients, it needs to keep a watchful eye over the cost-reimbursement ratio. The RVU dataset files that can be easily incorporated in to your existing practice management system to give you an edge in more than one ways:
  • Cost accounting methods can use the RVU data to measure and quantify the services delivered. These reports can help in financial viability approximations of your practice/office. Using these RVU files can help you define your policies in practice expenditure.
  • Various services that are provided in your practice/office are represented by their respective CPT® codes and then by the corresponding values in the RVU datafile. This provides a measurement in terms of cost of service per unit.
  • Just as your fee schedule, the RVU data can be easily used in your existing system and can help you in getting a variety of reports that help identify your areas of profitability, cost accounting, practice efficiency, physician productivity and thus, can give you an insight into contract negotiations.
  • Features like Global Surgery period and status indicators further help your reimbursement professionals to clearly match the services being reported.
Enjoy More Savings by Adding on Modifiers, Fees, Indicators
Get even more convenience and economy with additional information included in your CPT®-RVU data order. Choose from these highly useful and recommended add-ons especially designed to complement the RVU dataset:
  • Modifiers CrossWalk - CPT® to Modifier crosswalk, Modifiers and Descriptions
    • Choose which modifiers are to be matched to a particular CPT®.
    • Reliable and at-hand modifier information helps you identify proper reimbursement trends to follow.
  • Medicare Physician Fee Schedule - Complete MPFS Fee Schedule RVUs
    • Useful in updating the applicable charges for your practice like your current chargemaster.
  • Indicators – CPT® symbol information for codeNew , Revised, Add-on, Modifier 51 exempt, Modifier 63 exempt, Conscious sedation, Resequenced code,Age, Sex, Noncovered, FDA approval pending etc. - various useful CPT® information
    • These additional data help you identify the correct reporting scenarios for each CPT® as updated by AMA and CMS. This data prevents code misuse and denials and helps the reimbursement professional to effectively report the services.