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Find all of the coding resources you need in one place to stay on top of 2019 updates. CPT® 2019 is jam-packed with over 300 code changes, with major revisions to specialties like anesthesia, cardiology, vascular services, radiology, psychiatry, pain management and path/lab, just to name a few.

Take the guesswork out of 2019 CPT® updates — from overhaul to chest x-ray codes section and language change in observation codes to new Category III code options and dozens of updates in the pathology chapter.


Boost your coding accuracy, save time, and avoid denials with our complete procedure coding solutions, all in one place:

Coders’ Specialty Guide (in 22 specialties): Ensure your claims and reimbursement are on track by applying expert guidance on the latest CPT® and HCPCS changes for your specialty. Our Coders’ Specialty Guide include the complete specialty code set with official code descriptors and lay descriptions, Medicare reimbursement details, captioned illustrations, expert tips, and much more.

Procedural Coding Advisor: Sharpen your procedural coding skills with this advanced procedure coding guidebook that includes the complete list of CPT® codes with full code descriptors, new/revised/deleted codes, deleted codes crosswalk, modifiers with definitions and tips, CPT® Assistant article references, new code articles, and many more coding features. 

Procedural  Reference Guide for Coders: Simplify your CPT® code lookup with over 9,000 lay terms across specialties, including new and revised codes, E/M survival guide, modifier lay terms, explanations, and much more.

AMA CPT® Professional Edition: Learn hundreds of CPT® code changes, official CPT® coding guidelines, and clear anatomical and procedural illustrations from this official code book from the American Medical Association. 

Monthly Newsletters (in over 25+ specialties): Review CPT® changes for your specialty with detailed explanations on how to incorporate updates into your coding to secure revenue. Plus, access expert procedure coding articles for problem-solving coding dilemmas, readers’ questions and answers, and get detailed information on many important regulatory and reimbursement changes.

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CPT® is a registered trademark of the American Medical Association.